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Velveeta-Orange and Pepto-Pink Guest Rooms

Once upon a time one of our guest rooms was full of bumpy, crazy walls.

So I went to town with a giant vat of spackle.

Then I happened upon a can of $5 paint in the oops section – it looked like a warm, sunset-ish yellow….

Or not.

Now our guest room was the color of macaroni and cheese.

Like most things, I let it sit for a few days… and it only reminded me more and more of a Velveeta cheese explosion.

To the paint store I returned, and came home with a can of Valspar’s Summer Wish – a creamy yellow.

You can see I also ripped out the monstrous closet doors and replaced it with a shower curtain from Target – just like our bedroom closet.

This poor room is full of mismatched left-over furniture… but at least it’s not factory-cheese orange anymore!

And we finally repainted the other guest room… it used to be pepto-pink.

Now it’s bright green! (This was an Oops can choice gone right! Not sure of the color name.. but it’s from the Martha Stewart collection.)

Our bedroom in our old apartment was this color, and we had plenty left over. This room cost $0.00.

We’ve also removed the ceiling fans and installed ceiling lights in both rooms, and now we are rewiring both rooms as well. Until then… we’ll just know which guests REALLY love us : ) as they sleep with electrical wires popping out all over the place.

Today’s lesson: Sometimes the risk is worth it. And sometimes it’s not. – said a Wise (and not at all tired) Woman