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Top 9: End of Summer BBQ Accessories

Must have Summer BBQ Party Accessories

As summer is winding down to an end (and since we have deck renovations on our brains) it’s time to start thinking about squeezing in as many summer BBQs as possible before it’s time to make apple pie and eat Halloween candy!¬† We love to host parties, and when you can add in a little summertime weather and food on the grill – well, that’s just perfection.

Here are my Top 9 accessories for that End of Summer BBQ!

1. These Heat Resistant Corn Holders are colorful and fun! We have some golf ball corn holders, but these would be a fun change!

2. I love these drink dispensers from Crate and Barrel. Something like this drink dispenser feels excessive and something too large to store. But I still love them! And it’s nice for large parties even just for water, instead of needing to refill the water pitcher several times throughout the night.

3. Adding lanterns, twinkle lights or globe lights adds a little extra whimsy to the ricketiest table, burned hamburgers, and even helps you deal with the mosquitoes a little bit longer.

4. Every backyard party needs a good yard game! Ladderball is one of our favorites! (Other acceptable options: Croquet, Bocce, Kan-jam)

5. We have the Butter Boy! People always laugh and wonder what is sitting on the table. But it’s so much easier to butter corn with it and it’s a cute little man in overalls! How can you go wrong?

6. You can’t look too far without seeing another mason jar craft / trend / decor idea. But let’s get back to what mason jars were originally used for – catching fireflies!! I have so many memories of summer nights catching fireflies after dinner. Take your BBQ back to the basics and see how many you can catch (and let go – of course).

7. Every party needs some good tunes! We have a Soundfreaq – a portable bluetooth music player. You can charge it when it’s plugged in, sync it to your iPod, and haul it around the party, the yard, wherever you go!

8. These DIY Slipknot Rope napkin rings from Lemon Tree Dwelling would dress up any old napkin!

9. BBQs call for big platters to pile on hotdogs, piles of corn on the cob, or for the spread of burger toppings. I am always drawn to the melanine platters by FrenchBull because they are so much fun! Everything a BBQ should be.

What’s your favorite thing about BBQs? What do you put on your hot dog? I’m a ketchup girl.

Check out the end of summer party I posted on last year!

Top 9: Farewell Party to Summer

Farewell Party to Summer

Top 9: Spring & Summer Scarves

I’ve said it before, but I’m an accessories girl. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, and scarves.

Scarves are one of my favorite ways to accessorize and also keep me warm! It’s definitely spring here in Boston, but my scarf-loving ways will stay strong at least until June. (Then I usually don’t bother with them until October or so.)

Besides, it’s been far too long since I have done a top 9 post!

summer and spring scarves

Not that I need to add any scarves to my collection, but here are 9 of my favorite for spring and summer:

1. Multi-Stripe Scarf from Talbots – $59 You can’t get more summery than crisp white and bright colored stripes.

2. Pop Art Scarf from Kate Spade – $128 While this scarf is out of my budget, this classic summery print is still tempting! And dressy!

3. Coral Open Knit Scarf from Forever 21 – $8 Square bandanna style scarves are totally underrated! This coral color will also look great with a tan. : )

4. Cornflower Circle Scarf from Modcloth – $25 This color is just lovely. The end. Pair with any t-shirt.

5. Graduated Stripe Scarf from Forever 21 – $9 Black and white stripes will go with every color and every season. Dress it up and dress it down!

6. Echo Graphic Geo Wrap from Zappos – $38 Now this scarf is my jam. Three words: Hint, Hint Husband.

7. Pashmina from JCP – $10 You can’t go wrong with a classic pashmina, try one in a fun citrus shade!

8. Riley Scarf by Lily Pulitzer – $78 If this cabana-stripe doesn’t say white shorts and sandals in Nantucket, than I don’t know what does.

9. Marker Swirl Scarf from JCP – $10 Spring scarves don’t have to be brightly colored. This emerald gauzy scarf is lightweight, and pretty too!

Top 9: My Favorite Espresso Cups

I have a special place in my heart for espresso mugs.

I have no idea where this cup-crush originated, but I have a feeling that it has something to do with the fact that they are tiny and colorful.

Here is my top 9 round-up of espresso mugs from sources across the web:

1. This cup from Modcloth is so sweet. It reminds me of those little yarn dolls when I was a kid.

2. I love this chunky artsy Octopus mug by AnjaPottery. It reminds me of my printmaking days in college.

3. I have discovered my espresso cup alter-ego. Yellow? Check. Polka-dots? Check. Mini cup and saucer? Check. This polka-dot espresso cup by Konitz is a little dose of happy!

4. Oh Pantone, how I love thy beautiful, pure use of color. So unadulterated. I would gladly drink out of this entire set of these cups by Pantone.

5. I’m not sure I can even handle it. THEY MADE PENGUIN BOOK ESPRESSO CUPS!! Capital letters very much intended. My heart is swelling. I don’t even know which one I would choose. Perhaps Wuthering Heights?

6. I love this rustic homemade look of this mug set from Natalie Bonney Ceramic.

7. I love this Hawaiian vintage enamel feeling mud from Chalinns. The “hedgihog” is my favorite.

8. Is it cheating if Pantone is on my list twice? This cup is adorable, hilarious and genius! Match your coffee to the swatch… are you milky or the builders brew?

9. This London Guard mug from Clareillustrates is just adorable! Perhaps this is what the Queen drinks her espresso from? Nonsense! She only drinks tea. Duh!

There is a cafe, inside one of the Las Vegas hotels along the strip, that is decorated with huge pillars of espresso cups.

I loved it!

Do you have an unexplainable love for a random object?

Top 9: Etsy Letterpress Valentines

With the day of hearts and flourish next week, I wanted to share some letterpress valentine’s I have been spying lately on Etsy.

I love me some Valentine cards. Every year, until this year, I buy the funny grade school kind from the grocery store. Cards with Strawberry Shortcake on them saying “I think you’re a very sweet Valentine!” I don’t think I can get away with those shenanigans anymore, so I’ve set my sight on swankier salutations.

1. I don’t know what I like more about this valentine from Echo Letterpress, the fact that I love corn-on-the-cob or that is reminds me of summer in the bitterness of February. Happy Love Day Paula Dean.

2. I love this one from 1331Design. Nothing like a little graphic design humor. Hehehe.

3. It’s always hard to find a good non-pink/red Valentine! This pirate-inspired poster from Handz would be great for one of your mateys.

4. You can’t buy me love, but you can buy me this Beatlemania-inspired valentine from Vandalia Street Press

5. Any other Princess Bride fans out there? This poster from The Big Harumph is inconceivable!!

6. Being an art and writing major, I never got all the sciencey-nerd jokes before. Now that I’ve worked in the biotech industry for a few years it’s growing on me. As is this card from Steel Petal Press.

7. My Scandinavian husband would love these! They are coasters from Fluid Ink Letterpress, and you could write a cute note on the back!

8. This sweet vintage bicycle valentine from Inkadinkadoodle is reminiscent of classic Valentine’s Day.

9. It’s no surprise that I love this nautical-inspired card from SweetDee. Anchors aweigh!

(Is it just me or do the hubba-hubba valentine cards give you the heebie-jeebies?)