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Giving Thanks and Thanksgiving Holiday Decor

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
– Oscar Wilde

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was my first time hosting and (hallelujah) the turkey turned out just fine. We have much to be thankful for and were able to host wonderful family and grandparents at our house this year on Thanksgiving, celebrated a Friendsgiving feast with new friends earlier this month, and have our 5th annual Thanksmas feast with our college gang next week. Again, we have much to be thankful for!

Now that we’ve polished off our plate of pumpkin pie, and will be re-heating our last meal of delectable turkey/gravy/potato leftovers tonight for dinner, and I’m ready to move on to Christmas (!!!!) decorations and music in this house! I’m a firm believer in separating the two holidays and giving Thanksgiving a proper celebration without the infringement of holly-jolly, but I am ready to begin!

Last year I started a rule for myself – only purchase ONE holiday decoration every year. I can give myself a half-pat-on-the-back this year. I stuck to it – sort of.

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

I bought these tiny wire pumpkins from the Christmas Tree Shoppe for $3.00 earlier this fall. They are actually namecard holders – but I like them on the mantle. They are simple, small to store, and I can leave them out all autumn – a win-win-win in my book.

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLivelyI re-used my DIY Felt Autumn Leaves Garland again on the mantle.

ThanThanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

For the centerpiece I pulled out my DIY Rustic Twig Coffee Can Centerpiece and used some fake floral from an old cornucopia I had in the basement that had seen better days.

I say that I only “technically” followed the rules of my holiday decor buying ordinance, because I also bought a new tablecloth and runner. I haven’t bought any since we got our new table, so everything I own is too small!

I got this tablecloth and runner at HomeGoods (decor heaven) and picked this tablecloth because I thought I could use it year round.Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

For namecards I just used plain white paper and stuck them on some ceramic white apples I used throughout the year as decor.Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLivelyOverall it was a very non-fussy holiday! Just the way that we like it. Moose’s grandparents hadn’t seen our house since before we even moved in, so they were quite surprised to see how much work we have done! It’s always nice to see our progress again through fresh eyeballs. Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

I never know what to do on my sideboard. My Nearly No-Sew DIY Patchwork Bunting has been up there since the Lumberjack birthday party we had in April, and I added the pumpkin, scarecrow (from my childhood!) and some gourds.

I didn’t manage to take a single picture of all the food (too busy devouring!) or our weekend activities. We broke in our fireplace for the season – which makes it officially feel like the holidays.

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

We are also working on continuing an old tradition – we got a cooking lesson from my mother-in-law on how to make an old family favorite recipe for kringla (a Scandinavian pastry).

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor - DesignLively

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hostess with the Mostess & My Lumberjack Party

Last call to enter my giveaway for a free $25 Wagamama gift card!

For the last few years I’ve been reading a great resource for party planning – Hostess with the Mostess – so I was tickled pink (or maybe in this case I should say plaid) that they featured the Lumberjack Party I threw earlier this year!

hostesswiththemostesslumberjackCheck it out here!

I’m currently perusing Hostess with the Mostess for some Thanksgiving dinner decoration inspiration. I’m hosting this year for the first time – so it will be an adventure!

The site if full of inspiration – like these adorable doughnut hole acorn treats.

Loads of adorable inspiration details for fall parties.

And these delicious looking Apple Pie Pops
(when a regular pie just feels too conventional).

And while Harry Potter isn’t exactly Thanksgiving themed (although most fans agree they feel the urge to re-read the series in the fall) this amazing HP themed birthday party looks so fun!

Or this unique Duck Hunting birthday party!

The inspiration is endless! And I’m thrilled to be a part(y) of it.


I have three Thanksgiving dinner celebrations this year and the first one is this weekend! Here’s to loads of pumpkin pie, gravy and cranberry! What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

DIY Felt Fall Garland

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

The decorations in my house are constantly changing.

I usually decorate the mantle and a few other parts of the house specifically around the different holidays throughout the year.

I don’t go all out. I usually do something easy and make it a project I can keep from year to year. (I have big tupperware bins labeled by holiday in my basement – therefore each year I have a few more pieces to pull out and it gets easier and easier!)

In fact, this year I only let myself buy one autumn decoration.

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I bought this pumpkin from Home Goods! For items that are on the larger side, I always go for seasonal – not holiday specific. This pumpkin is about 18 inches tall.

Remember this autumn wreath I made last year?

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I had some leftover pieces of felt in my craft bin and this idea was brought to life.

Felt Fall Garland:

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Within an hour I had:

1. Found some leaf and acorn shaped cookie cutters (from the Target dollar bin)

2. Traced on several colored pieces of felt with a fine Sharpie

3. Cut them out and laid them out in the order I wanted them to hang

4. I hand stitched them together with little knots

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Then I hung it up on my mantle with my trusty blue painters tape. Voila.

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I think this will transition us from fall to winter – because, yikes, I can’t believe winter is almost here!

For tutorials on the previously mentioned bunting and wreath:

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Nearly No-Sew Autumn Bunting

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

DIY Felt Autumn Wreath

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This week kicks off the holiday season, one of my favorite times of the year.

Soon our mornings will be greeted with snow-dusted sidewalks, frost-speckled window panes and that fresh smell that only frozen earth can bring to your nostrils.

We will start to get cards in the mail and they will start to pile up on the mantle. We will feverishly research online Christmas card coupon codes. Will this be the year we finally send them?

Subconsciously, we will drive 5 miles out of our way to avoid the mall or any road that goes near one.

Bright red ribbons and silver glitter will sudden adorn everything in sight.

No matter how far away we are from civilization we will hear that resonating dong-dong-dong from the Salvation Army bell ringers.

We will pay absurd amounts of money for strangely flavored cups of coffee (gingerbread? really?) to be handed to us by baristas in red aprons as we listen to indie-pop Christmas carols.



It’s a great time of year. It is also an easy this time of year to get overwhelmed, especially as a creative-type.

The need to find the “right” ribbon and the “right” wrapping paper and the “most-unique-ever” nametags is ever-present.

Martha Stewart taunts us from her holiday issue cover in the grocery aisle as she hangs her hand-painted reclaimed barnwood sled on the front porch next to her homemade icicle hand-etched lanterns.

“Are you actually buying pre-made pie crust?” she questions from the cover. “But I have this amazing recipe on page 87. You only need crushed almonds from Switzerland and unpasteurized buttermilk and paste from a Peruvian vanilla bean.”

I am glad that we have Thanksgiving to begin this joyous time of year. It’s a push in the right direction as we set our course for the holiday season.

Too soon we are swept away into the whirlwind of Black Friday – the antithesis of Thanksgiving. Be thankful for what I have? But I can get everything I want for 75% off!

Today I will be thankful.

I will be thankful that we dedicate a day just to remember all that we are grateful for.

Because, after all, “gratitude turns what we have into enough”.

(source unknown)


Happy Thanksgiving!