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Stair Fanfare

This is not what the Stairway to Heaven looks like.

This IS what the stairway of our house looked like last summer when we moved in.

Lest you all forget about those Barbie-arms peach colored walls that made up most of our home, here is a friendly reminder.

The staircase runner came with the house, and was quickly full of sawdust, spackle and paint flecks after our initial bout of DIY when we moved in.

And we ripped out the carpet.

After some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint (and we removed the handrail), it was looking a little fresher.

The staircase is right in the middle of the house – between the kitchen and dining room.

It’s looking better. But it’s lacking in personality. Soon enough.

For now I am happy with freshly painted walls and stairs!

But I have started looking at some new runners…

I was inspired by this beautiful re-do at Rare and Beautiful Treasures:


Tell me, do you like your stairs bare or carpeted?