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I Speak for the Trees

I wish I had something more exciting to share with you regarding our current DIY adventures, but it’s spring. AKA yardwork season. Not typical spring yardwork here – pulling weeds and planting flower bulbs.

Oh no, our adventure is far less romantic than that. Our yardwork is, true to Kat+Moose form, is a project on a much larger scale, way less fun and a lot messier.

We started small.  We started by cutting down 10 very tall trees in our yard.

Yes, really. I wish I was kidding. Our Lumberjack Party turned out to be prophetic.

I apologized to them as I surveyed the yard once I got home.

Moose felled the trees with the help of some (amazing!) friends of ours. [Insert obligatory message here about not messing around with trees unless you really know what you are doing. Chainsaws are not a joke.]

Wait, does this story sound familiar? It should.

Only this time instead of letting 4 cords of chopped wood sit in our yard for six months we are sending it to a happy home heated by a wood burning stove. And we were able to get rid of all the brush in two days with the help of a wood chipper and burning (our town allows burning brush during certain seasons).

Before you go and call the Lorax on me, you should know we live on a very wooded lot. So we still have trees in abundance. Nonetheless, I miss those ones we cut down.

Except now our yard looks a lot bigger now. It’s similar to getting a major haircut when you’ve got a head of long hair. It’s painful through the process, looks strange right away and then you realize your yard (or face for the purposes of this analogy) looks light years better.

It wasn’t exactly by choice anyways. There’s a much longer story at hand here that has been brewing since we bought this house two years ago. But I’m going to spare you the gory details.

The short story is we are excavating our entire front and back yard, laying down some pipes for drainage, and will be hopefully gaining a pretty grass lawn for the first time we’ve lived in this house. We will also be putting in a patio and expanding our existing deck to cover the old deathtrap of a crumbling staircase in our backyard.

photoJust a fraction of what we are dealing with here.

I’ll be back later this week with some patio inspiration I’ve been collecting. That was actually the goal when I sat down to write this post, but I’ve babbled on for long enough.

Our existing “patio” is a mudpit. So pretty much anything will be an upgrade. I’ll do what I do best. Ignore the work at hand and find pretty pictures of what I want the end result to look like. : )

How are you welcoming spring?

It’s Friday & Spring is Here!

via littlebitfunky.com

Happy Friday!

First, check out these AMAZING rainbow wooden spoons from Little Bit Funky. 

I think I’m in love.

I’d like to hang a set like this on the wall space above our oven.

I think this project would make me smile even if I were doing something as doldrum as boiling water.

This week spring has officially made an appearance.

(While I type this I am choosing to forget that there are snowflakes on the weather prediction for tomorrow.)

Country music has been playing, windows have been cracked open and I’ve even thought about making iced coffee again. Yup, it’s spring.

Is there anything better than opening windows after a long winter? Something about letting the fresh air circulate through the house is reviving.

While I do miss being able to walk on the beach at this time of year, it’s been fun to experience our house in a new season and watch things grow.

One of the former owners was quite the gardener. So, although it’s gotten quite overgrown since their time, we have plants and flowers blooming all over the place!


And lastly, we’ll be celebrating Moose’s birthweek!

A wise woman once taught me your birthday should last all week! (Hiyah Beth!)

(I came across the picture above in Tumblr. It’s classic Moose! If I had to choose an abstract self portrait of my husband, this might be it.)

Thank you for the good luck wishes towards our bathroom renovation this weekend!

Between the birthday cake and the drywall dust, we’ll be keeping it real.

Life around here is nothing if not adventurous. : )

Happy Friday!

Grab Your Wellies Folks, It’s Springtime!


While we have been experiencing an unusually warm March here in Boston, rainy spring can’t be held off forever.

Rainboots, or “wellies”, are one of my favorite types of footwear.

I like to wear them while doing yard work.

Sometimes I wear them when I shovel (with wool socks!). I like them better than snow boots because they are less bulky. However, they don’t have much traction against ice.

I started wearing them to prevent the dreaded “wet pant ankles” epidemic.

I love rubber boots because they come in all sorts of fun colors (for example: I own a bright red pair and another pair that makes it looks like I have giant rolls of Lifesaver candies on my feet).

Rainboots are very durable. I’ve had my striped pair (from Filene’s Basement) for 7 years! I think a new pair will be in order soon.

Maybe I’ll pick up a new floral print:


Or these blue polka dot cutie booties:


There’s no better way to brighten up a dreary day than a classic pair of yellow galoshes.


Maybe someday I’ll win the lottery and will splurge on fancy rainboots like these classic Hunters:


These Sperry rainboots look nice and sturdy! And particularly warm.


We shall see!

Happy Monday and Happy Spring!

Top 9: Spring in my Step

Ahh, the Vernal Equinox. Normally when I think about the first day of spring my mind conjures up pictures of trees swaying in the light breeze underneath a blue sky, green buds shooting up through fresh grass or bluebirds chirping outside an open window.

Today was nothing like that.

Today was the opposite of a cheery, colorful, springy day. It was a gray, snowy, sleety slushy kind of a day.

Having lived in the northeast for my entire life one would think I’d learned by now. The irony is our snow finally finished melting this weekend in the nice, warm weather. (Argh! The snow won’t stay away!)

To lift my spirits , today I’m going on an imaginary Etsy shopping spree for my favorite nine things that remind that that someday spring will come!

1. This Posy Necklace from Tamar I feel better already! I think this adorable, colorful posy necklace. Plus, it would look great with any color top!

2. This Handmade Yellow Bird Stationary from PinkBathub is so sweet with the stamped bird and cheerful yellow envelope paired with it! The card is a gift in itself.

3. This adorable crocheted bunny hat from MamaMegsYarnShop is so cute! If I could get away with wearing this as a grown woman, believe me, I would.

4. These candleholders from PeppersPlaceDesign would be so lovely set on a table for a springy Sunday bunch with short pastel candles.

5. These lovely pink blossom earring studs by Amaniworks would be fun bits of color to add to any outfit.

6. This April Showers ring by Eelizabeth. I confess. I’m biased. I already own this set of ring and necklace and it makes me happy every time I wear it! (This is a good story. I was shopping in an antique barn in Newport, RI where I found them. When I went to purchase them the cashier had already shut down her register and just gave them to me for free!)

7. This garland by WestCoastKnittery brings a grin to my face! I’ve never seen a pom I didn’t like!

8. These striped bags from Ikabags are right up my alley! I love big purses! I can’t get away from them.

9. This tulip wreath from Twoinspireyou is just lovely! Maybe when I own a fancy wreath like this I will finally feel like an adult. On second thought, probably not. Nonetheless, I’d like to own this one!