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DIY Fabric Boot Stuffers


You know you live in New England when you look forward to boot season  more than flip-flop season. I love boots. They are my soul/sole footwear of choice.

Unfortunately, boots, when stored improperly, flop. This causes the material around the ankles to sink/wrinkle/crease/crack over time. Some people have boot hangers,  but who has the hanging space for four pairs of boots? Not me. I have used the plastic boot shapers for years, and I hate them. They are a pain to put in the boot (especially boots without zippers), so I chucked them all. When I saw fabric boot shapers at T.J. Maxx a while back, a bell went off in my head. I could make those!


Materials Needed: (the quantities below will be enough to make 4 boot stuffers)

  • 1 yard fabric (I used a 100% cotton batik)
  • 1 lb bag of polyester stuffing
  • 64″ yarn ( four 16″ pieces)
  • 12″ ribbon

1. Cut fabric to four 14″x19″ rectangles. If you have wide-calf boots you may want to go up to 16″x19″ (or just measure your leg where the top of the boot hits your calf).

2. Take 16″ of yarn and lay over the shorter side (14″) of the fabric. Let yarn overhang edges by 1″ on each side. (This is the easiest way I could come up with to cinch the fabric closed).

3. Fold over the short end by 1″ with the yarn tucked inside. Sew a straight line across.

4. Cut 3″ of ribbon and fold in half (pretty side out).  Repeat step 3 for the other short end, but half-way through lay down the folded ribbon and include in sewing line. This isn’t necessary but added a cute little loop to pull your boot stuffers by.

5. Next fold the rectangle in half long-ways with the ugly side out. Sew a line straight down to create a tube. Start and stop sewing your line before you get to the part that is folded over – both an inch from the edge.

6. Turn tube inside out. Cinch one end of the tube with yarn and tie tightly. Stuff until full and cinch and tie tightly. Snip extra yarn off.

Voila! I happened to have all these materials in my craft closet, so this project cost me $0.00! But if you were to go to the store you could easily get all these materials for $10.00 – bringing this project down to $2.50 a boot stuffer, or $5.00 for a pair of boots.

It may even make a nice DIY Christmas gift for the boot-lover on your list!

It’s a Shoe-In: Window Shop Wednesday

It’s that time again! Window Shop Wednesday with The Katie Chronicles. This week we are looking at Zappos.com!

I’ve have a confession. I have never bought anything that I would wear online – shoes, clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, anything! But Zappos is one of the biggest online retailer in existence – crazy!

Today I’m focusing on footware and sharing some of my favorite shoes.

Percy shoes by Ralph Lauren

I love these! Give me yellow! Give me casual sandals! Give me platforms! I must be stuck in the 70s. I love these shoes. I love platforms because you can wear them with anything! Skirts, capris, shorts, jeans, whatvah!

Angelfish by Sperry Topsiders

I love boat shoes. They are classic summer. I keep scouring the clearance aisle for a cute pair of these. I have yet to find one! But these shoes + the seeksucker = I love! Give me a pink lemonade and a lawn chair.

KJ Boot by Keen

Everyone should own a pair of boots like this! I have a similar pair and wear them 80% of the year (i.e. every month but June-August. Seriously.)  I like these because you need a nice flat boot with a big rubber sole! If not you will wear through those puppies quickly and then the melting snow will seep in and wet your socks. And there’s not a lot worse than wet socks.

Bon Voyage shoe from Sketchers

Okay, don’t laugh. I have a pair of these are they are awesome! I love wearing them instead of watershoes. I wore these on my honeymoon while climbing waterfalls. You probably won’t wear them all the time, but they are nice to have!

Original Hunter Rainboots

Everybody should own rainboots. I wear them all the time in the fall and spring. And, pair them with wool socks and you’ve got the perfect shoes for walking through melting snow/slush/mud.

What is your favorite pair of shoes?