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$2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers

If you are like me, with the help of the internet, you have enough craft projects for a lifetime.

I used to thumb through BH&G and Martha Stewart magazines and tear out craft ideas, but now with the internet, blogs and Pinterest, my craft “list” is growing exponentially!

I’ve realized there are the “this-is-brilliant-and-so-easy-I-love-my-life” ideas versus the “this-is-so-terrible-the-internet-is-a-lie!!” ideas. This post is about a great one!

One of my besties came over several weekends ago for a girls night – complete with shopping, crafts and Mister Darcy. We picked two Pinterest crafts we had been wanting to try, and found a wonderfully easy and inexpensive tutorial for felt ear-warmers!

The tutorial we used can be found at Delia Creates.

DIY $2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers- DesignLively

The bow-specific tutorial can be found at Delia Creates also.

We each made a few of them – and they came out to less than $2.00 a piece!

Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 yard of microfleece from your local fabric store (1/4 yard will make 2 earwarmers. We bought ours with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s … originally $10/yard which = $1.25 for our 1/4 yard at 50% off)
  • A large button – any color/size of your choosing
  • Thread (I used white thread I already had on my machine. You could hand-sew this project too if desired.)

DIY $2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers- DesignLively

I made the rosette with a glue gun and glued/sewed it on to the band. Next time I make rosettes I will try to remember to take process-photos.

A great rosette tutorial video can be seen here from Living with Lindsey: Making Rosettes from Cloth

I love wearing my ear-warmers! I wear ponytails a lot – and I hate wearing hats with them! It’s so uncomfortable.

These ear-warmers are very warm and toasty and you can fit it to your own size head.

I suppose you have to take the good ideas with the bad ideas… because I’m not even going to talk about that joke-of-a-recipe we pinned and made for “healthy Peppermint milkshakes” – when it’s made from cottage cheese, protein powder and pudding mix… you know something has to be wrong.

Give me ice cream or give me death!

The Easiest Bunting You’ll Ever Sew.

I mentioned this bunting in my post about the baby shower I hosted at my house a few weeks ago.

If you can sew in a semi-straight line, you can make this bunting.

I started with lots of blue and yellow fabrics from a decorator’s swatch book. (I don’t know where to find these, but I always stumble across them for free. Just a few weeks about a picked up several outside an Interior Decorator’s office for free!)

These squares could be easily replicated with a pair of pinking shears (available at any craft store). I folded about 2″ backwards and ironed it flat.

I did this to all my squares (13 squares gave me a bunting about 5′ long). Then I put them in the order that I wanted them to hang – separating stripes and plaids and spreading out the dark and light fabrics.

Then I sewed them together. In one continuous line.

I just kept feeding another square into the machine and added it to the string. Does that make sense?

To attach it to the mantle I used 2 big pieces of painter’s tape (my little secret) and I was done!

I told you.

It’s the easiest bunting possible!

(And PS – this baby boy the shower was for made his grand appearance last night! Hoorah!)

Easy Ugly Pillow Makeover

I love the clearance aisle. That’s no secret here.

When I’m buying decorations for our house, they are usually from the clearance aisle. I appreciate things more when I know that I didn’t over-pay for them. Also, if tragedy strikes and something is ruined, it’s not a big deal.

As I’ve stated here many times before, I especially love to scope out the clearance aisle at Lowe’s. We’ve gotten many a steal there.

Like a few monthes ago, as I rounded the corner I saw this towering box of four ugly, fringey, not-at-all-my-style brown throw pillows.

Then I took a closer look… $1.35 a pillow down from $13.48. That’s pretty cheap – just over $5 for four pillows!! Albeit ugly pillows. (Sorry if you like them!)

When I turned the corner and my husband saw what I was carrying, a grim look crossed his face.

“I can’t even buy stuffing for four pillows for this cheap!” I proclaimed and sealed the deal.

I brought them home.

They have been sitting in my office closet ever since until I found a bolt of outdoor fabric at Joann’s Fabrics for 50% off. I got 4 yards for $15.

I like sewing with outdoor fabric. Particularly for projects like pillows or other high traffic items.

First I sliced off all the fringe. Then I made a simple envelope pillow case (similar to this tutorial here). (Again, so not good enough to do tutorials yet. BUT, it’s so easy even I could do it!)

I’m really happy with how they came out, and the envelope pillow slip is very easy to change if I get tired of them.

(I do need to give them another iron though it looks like.)

While similarly sized and style throw pillows are at Pottery Barn and West Elm for $20 a piece, these ran me $5 each pillow. So I could make four of these for the price of one fancy store pillow.

While I could have easy paid the original price of $13 per pillow, totaling $52 (!!) for ugly pillows, I paid $20 and made four pillows that I love!

Next time you are in the clearance aisle, don’t snub the ugly stuff! You never know what it can become.

What recent clearance bin items have you discovered lately?

DIY Ruffled Camera Strap

I am a documenter.

I save movie tickets. I have saved nearly every greeting card I have received in my lifetime. I scrapbook. Everything. From important things like weddings and births, to random life, like going to see Harry Potter with an eyeliner lightening bolts drawn on my face with a friend. (Don’t act surprised.)

I’m the “the picture-taker”. As soon as I had enough babysitting money I would ker-plunk down my $7.99 for one of those wind-up 35mm film camera and click away with my friends. I love the anticipation of how my photos would turn out when I picked them up from the store. The day I got a digital camera and I was no longer limited by those precious 24 shots… life was good.

Yep. I’m that friend. The one who makes you pose in front of funny road signs or with the parking lot attendant. My husband has learned to grin and bear it. Literally.

That being said, when I saw lots of people with tricked out camera straps, I knew I needed to make one!

When I am using my SLR camera for an extended period of time, I like to keep the strap around my neck as a safety precaution. Many of these swanky camera strap covers have extra padding in them for extra comfort. Sign. Me. Up.

This is NOT a tutorial. My goal is to become a better sewer this year, and I’m learning! I melded some basic principles from this tutorial at Tidy Mom and this one at Midwestern Sewing Girl for my finished product.

I didn’t have any interfacing on hand and I was too lazy to go to the store, so I used felt. And I like it. I think it adds even more cushion than interfacing would have.

This was my first ruffle! I don’t care to say how long it took me to attach it to the strap, but I did it. And that’s all that matters. :  )

I used a gray seeksucker fabric for the front and remnants of my dining room curtains for the backside.

Since seersucker is an inherently thinner fabric I doubled it over, so there are two layers.

This is why I can’t write tutorials yet. I’m usually a do-it-as-I-go kinda gal.

It can make for really messy instructions. : )

Now I can keep on snappin’ to my heart’s delight!

Check out more a step-by-step process at Tidy Mom or Midwestern Sewing Girl (for the ruffle).


On another note:

I recently saw this video and wanted to share. I wish I had seen this when I was 16. Love your skin! Say no to tanning beds and hello to sunscreen!