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The Porch Floor Gets a Facelift

Although we haven’t been doing a ton of house projects lately – we’re in the throes of the dog days of summer, are we not? – we have been making quite a lot of headway on our porch.

I want our porch to become a cozy hangout place. While it’s too small to use for major entertaining, I can see us using it on summer and fall nights, or drinking my morning coffee on the weekends.

Something like this:


The floorboards of our porch were barn red. They were cute in their own way, but boy-oh-boy were they in need of a paint job.

We picked up a can of Valspar paint, it says right on the can “for porches and floors”. We opted to go with the standard “dark gray” color that was pre-mixed.

The paint is extremely WATERY.

So much that we took the can back to the store and asked them about it. But, they said that’s normal, so we gave it a shot.

Just like interior walls, I painted the trim first with an angled brush. (Best part: no accidental dripping on the floor!)

You can see the thinness/watery-ness of the paint here.

I did two solid coats to get a full finish.

I painted between the boards as best I could to avoid peeps of red. I rolled the floors.

As you can see, this was shaping up to be a very blue-gray.

Make sure the floor is very dry before you walk over it to paint the second coat – otherwise you’ll have foot imprints all over the place!

Final Drumroll……..

Nice and clean! And an easy way to spend the afternoon.

Now we just need to get some furniture out there!

I’m hoping to hit some end-of-summer clearance sales and find myself a rug and two wicker chairs. Here’s for hopin’!

To me porches hold memories of family lunches and rocking chairs. What do you love about porches?

Installing a Beadboard Porch Ceiling – Part 2

Quite a while ago (last fall) we ripped out our porch ceiling andstarted installing a beadboard ceiling.

Part I can be found here.

Since it was so late in the year/too cold to paint, we left off here:

This spring we re-framed a large portion of the porch for a stronger structure.

We spacked, primed and painted the new structure.

We also installed crown molding to hide the imperfections.

Molding is a beautiful thing in that way.

As you can see, we also added some furring strips. We needed the one to cover a seam

(Long story: we cheated and hung the beadboard the opposite way so we had to make less cuts, but that left us with a big fat gap in the middle).  We added the rest of them to balance it out. Plus now we have a little extra architectural detail. #winning

Then I used Zinsser Primer as a base coat. I primed before spackling/caulking because it’s easier to see all the nail holes from the nail gun afterwards.

Then I went to town with a huge tub of spackle and about 8 tubes of caulking.

Then I gave it a few coats of standard white exterior paint.

We also switched out the light for a white one.

Before we see a lovely final shot, let’s take one more glance at the before:

Mainly because these days I am living for Before and Afters.

Hoorah! Nice and clean!

Now I’m on the hunt for some porch chairs, have any recommendations?

Small Front Porch Inspiration

The front porch has been the name of the game around here lately.

We’ve installed a beadboard ceiling, replaced the ceiling fan with a light, re-screened, painted the front door and painted the floor.

I’ll share pictures of that later… because right now I’ve mentally moved on to porch eye candy!! The good stuff!


I love the casual simplicity about this porch. (And it also reminds me of A Walk to Remember… anyone else?)

We already have tentative porch swing plans. (Woot!)


I love the coziness of the natural wicker and ticking textiles shown here. It truly feels like an outdoor living space.

And the gray gingham rug is my favorite part! (Note to self*)


Our porch is a long rectangle. In addition to a swing I’d like to have a small seating area to help balance out the space.

I’m really digging the natural wicker chairs – I keep staring at pictures of porches that have them.


This small front porch is the epitome of cheery!

I would love to sit out there on a Saturday afternoon with a stack of magazines and a cold glass of ice tea!


I’ve always loved this screened-in porch since I saw it in Coastal Living!

Maybe someday I’ll have a big enough porch to have a lovely meal like this spread.

It’s slowly coming together… I just hope we get to enjoy it while it’s still summer!

The Friendly Front Door

Our front door has been friendlyfied.

Yep, friendlyfied.

I decided I wanted a “friendly” green and “Apple Slice” from the Eddie Bauer paint colors line had me sold. It’s a hearty lettuce-apple green.

After removing the hardware, I sanded down some rough spots with a fine grit sandpaper – there was some factory adhesive on the front side of the door.

Then I wiped down the door with a deglosser. This will help strip the door and promote paint adhesion. I used Klean Strip Sander Deglosser from Lowes.

To use, just soak a rag in the solution and apply to the door like you are cleaning it. I used two coats of deglosser, letting it dry in between coats.

Then you’ll need to find some patience – to get the best finish you will want to do several very thin coats of paint.

I used a foam paint brush for the nooks and purchased a cabinet foam mini roller (Whizz brand from Lowes – it says “for doors and cabinets” right on the package) for the rest.

I painted 3 thin coats on the door – allowing it to dry for an hour in between each coat.

For the window grids I like to paint right on to the glass and then scrap it off with a razor afterwards.

Apple Slice – It looks fresh and clean! And friendly, if I may say so.

Now I’m itching to get the rest of our porch finished! That red floor has seen it’s last spring! We started re-screening the porch today actually!

PS – like my umbrella door mat? A lovely friend got it for me from Garnet Hill – they have lots of cute mats!