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The Porch Floor Gets a Facelift

Although we haven’t been doing a ton of house projects lately – we’re in the throes of the dog days of summer, are we not? – we have been making quite a lot of headway on our porch.

I want our porch to become a cozy hangout place. While it’s too small to use for major entertaining, I can see us using it on summer and fall nights, or drinking my morning coffee on the weekends.

Something like this:


The floorboards of our porch were barn red. They were cute in their own way, but boy-oh-boy were they in need of a paint job.

We picked up a can of Valspar paint, it says right on the can “for porches and floors”. We opted to go with the standard “dark gray” color that was pre-mixed.

The paint is extremely WATERY.

So much that we took the can back to the store and asked them about it. But, they said that’s normal, so we gave it a shot.

Just like interior walls, I painted the trim first with an angled brush. (Best part: no accidental dripping on the floor!)

You can see the thinness/watery-ness of the paint here.

I did two solid coats to get a full finish.

I painted between the boards as best I could to avoid peeps of red. I rolled the floors.

As you can see, this was shaping up to be a very blue-gray.

Make sure the floor is very dry before you walk over it to paint the second coat – otherwise you’ll have foot imprints all over the place!

Final Drumroll……..

Nice and clean! And an easy way to spend the afternoon.

Now we just need to get some furniture out there!

I’m hoping to hit some end-of-summer clearance sales and find myself a rug and two wicker chairs. Here’s for hopin’!

To me porches hold memories of family lunches and rocking chairs. What do you love about porches?