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Installing a Beadboard Porch Ceiling – Part 2

Quite a while ago (last fall) we ripped out our porch ceiling andstarted installing a beadboard ceiling.

Part I can be found here.

Since it was so late in the year/too cold to paint, we left off here:

This spring we re-framed a large portion of the porch for a stronger structure.

We spacked, primed and painted the new structure.

We also installed crown molding to hide the imperfections.

Molding is a beautiful thing in that way.

As you can see, we also added some furring strips. We needed the one to cover a seam

(Long story: we cheated and hung the beadboard the opposite way so we had to make less cuts, but that left us with a big fat gap in the middle).  We added the rest of them to balance it out. Plus now we have a little extra architectural detail. #winning

Then I used Zinsser Primer as a base coat. I primed before spackling/caulking because it’s easier to see all the nail holes from the nail gun afterwards.

Then I went to town with a huge tub of spackle and about 8 tubes of caulking.

Then I gave it a few coats of standard white exterior paint.

We also switched out the light for a white one.

Before we see a lovely final shot, let’s take one more glance at the before:

Mainly because these days I am living for Before and Afters.

Hoorah! Nice and clean!

Now I’m on the hunt for some porch chairs, have any recommendations?