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Wedding DIY: Ceremony Accordion Wheels

In keeping with my August theme of wedding DIY projects, today I am sharing some of our ceremony decorations.

We got married outside and had plain white chairs. To make an impact I wanted to put these pinwheel/accordion wheels on the backs of the chairs in the back row.

I went to Michael’s and bought a pre-packaged assortment of cardstock (that just happened to be in my general color scheme) for $8. (This is definitely the most cost effective way. I believe it was 50 sheets of cardstock.)

While I did not take any in-process photos (as I did this project over a year ago – sorry!) I found a great tutorial here at: I [totally] Heart Blog

For each wheel:

1. Take 4 sheets of the same color paper and cut down to an 8×8 square (You can make these at any size. This is just what I did.)

2. Fold the square in an accordion style – about 1 inch folds. I used a metal straight edge to fold.

3. Use a hot glue gun to glue them together into one long accordion.

4. When dry, lie flat on the ground and fold around into a wheel. Glue the seam and inject the middle of the wheel with hot glue as well. You will want to hold this for a good minute to let the wheel dry.

5. I sliced a small hole in the top and looped ribbon through it to tie around the chairs.

It was a great success and made a big impact! For $15 including glue and ribbon.

The only other ceremony decor we had was some aisle runner flowers. I got the shepherd’s hooks on clearance at Joann’s and our florist did the rest!

After the wedding these were hanging in our guest room. I couldn’t part with them, so they are waiting to be hung somewhere in our new house as well!

I feel like I should be humming “Here Comes the Bride” right now… but really I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. And I didn’t realize until this moment that they both start with “Here Comes The”.

Funny how that works!

Poms with a Twist (or pouf!)

You may remember how I posted my tissue paper pom tutorial here. BUT, I have just discovered a material to make them with!

Wait for it.

Tulle. Yes, tulle. As in 80s prom dresses.

But aren’t they fun? And so poufy!

I may have to try these out for my next party.

PS. Happy Mother’s Day to all : )

A Bicycle Bridal Shower

My friend Eva’s bridal shower was on Sunday and, boy-oh-boy, did we have a good time TPing some fake brides and mingling over frothy confections.

The theme was (pretty loosely) based on the bride’s favorite movie, Return to Me. You know, the one with the gorillas that you probably sobbed through. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, let me give you a brief synopsis.

The main heartthrob looses his beautiful zoologist wife in a tragic car accident. Later he falls in love with a woman, who just happened to narrowly avoid death because she finally received a heart transplant… from the heartthrob’s first wife. Are you crying yet? It is a cute movie, I promise. Throw in some adorable, old, Italian-restaurant-owning men, a red bicycle and an artistic trip to Italy and you’ve got yourself the makings of a classic Rom-Com.

Back to the shower….

We went with a black, white and red theme with damask accents. I used a red bicycle in some of the accessories to play off the movie. (Fun tangent: I used a tandem bicycle because the groom bicycled across the United States with his brother on a tandem bike a few summers ago. Cuh-razy.)

To set the mood we played the melodious tunes of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. The old Italian men argue who is better throughout the entire movie.

I chose this font, called Peachy Sundress, for all of our shower decor accessories. I liked the handwritten feel to warm up the modern edges of the damask. Plus, it is very cutesy. If there’s ever a place to be cutesy it’s an afternoon bridal shower on May Day.

One of my favorite things about celebrations is setting up tablescapes. You probably recognize those poms from here. I wanted to make sure the tablescape had plenty of height to make it a focal point.

As usual, I gathered up lots of accessories (*key phrase ahead* that I already owned) that were within the theme – like this metallic ampersand, a cake-topper and some red berries in a milkglass vase. A wise woman once told me “it doesn’t have to match, it just has to goooo.”

How could the shower go wrong if you have these delightful treats? I like to make name cards for the food. It’s a little silly, but makes everything feel a bit more fancy and special. It also helps it you throw in some fun descriptive words like “fresh” or “tasty” in front of them.

Or you could get really creative… “Zesty Lemonade with Fizzy Italian Blackberries”… or something like that. ; )

Setting up this tablescape is a perfect example of using things you already own and making sure your “event supply” purchases are theme-flexible. Most of the pieces I used were just black or white and very plain. The funkiness and theme comes from the fabrics, ribbons and artwork you add to the table.

We all had a great afternoon. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of the 1000 bunting flags that I made for the shower, but you’ve already seen those.

I will leave you with a portion of an excerpt that I read for Eva at her shower. It’s from Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

“God risked himself on me. I will risk myself on you. And together we will learn to love, and perhaps then, and only then, understand this gravity that drew Him unto us.”

After all, love makes the world go round.  Don’t you forget it.