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Paint Me a Family Room

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

I think I’ve mopped 20 times in the last week.

And written “wash me” in the construction dust covering the first floor of our house.

And even though my house has pretty much looked like these for the past two weeks:

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

It’s totally worth it because it’s coming together!

By the way, if you look closely at the photo above (beyond the sea of tarps and dust) you will see we expanded the doorway into the living room by 14 inches!

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

On my last post about this room (we’re having trouble “renaming” this room – the family room? the back room? the den?) I posted some crummy iPhone pictures I took at 9pm at night.

Now you can really see we have new walls! And new windows! And new trim!

This room has a whopping 9 windows, so there was lots… of… trim… to paint around.

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

First I painted one quick layer of paint on the wall – we decided to continue with Valspar’s Shoreline Haze, which is in our living room.

My friend Alli always makes fun of me because I need at least two words to describe a color. This room is a putty oatmeal.

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

Then we spent a while going through the room filling nail holes with spackle and sanding them down.

And then we used caulking to fill all the spaces between the trim and the walls.

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

Then I taped off the windows and painted the raw areas with Killz. Twice. No bleed-through!

Then I gave the entire room and all the trim two coats of paint.

And somewhere along the way we added baseboards.

DesignLively - our DIY renovation

Lo and behold, we’re actually looking at furniture for this room right now, so hopefully soon enough I’ll be relaxing with my feet up in this room!

My nice, clean, dusted off feet that is.

: p

A Long-Overdue Bedroom Update

I last posted about our bedroom here, where I was discussing the nightmare-ish process we had to go through to get the two layers of painted-over wallpaper off our unsized walls.

We’ve come a long way since then and are starting more projects in this room, so I thought I’d post an update on the “after” before it changes anymore. I suppose the “before” and “in process” posts aren’t very gratifying if you don’t know how it ends!

A quick recap: I discovered that beneath our serene blue walls lay yet a third room in our house full of evil wallpaper.

Fire, wrath and fury went into getting it all down. Aka: sweat, exasperation and maybe a few tears. Nah, no years. I was still young and green at the whole renovating process. Nothing could stop me! (Sidenote: My mom sacrificed her special going-out-on-her-birthday-dinner to help me resolve this problem instead. What a woman. I owe her a summer’s worth of Dairy Queen M&M Blizzards.)

The wallpaper came down bit-by-very-small-bit.

Then I washed the walls not only with a vinegar and hot water mixture, but also with wallpaper remover to help get all the glue off the walls.

This room was such a gluey, sticky, gloppy, wet disaster. I can’t believe we didn’t damage the hardwood floors.

Then, after much deliberation, we settled on painting the walls Valspar “Seashell Gray”.

I love the color! It is a peaceful silvery light gray. I can hardly remember the days of wallpaper-induced-panic-attacks.

We took down the ancient ceiling fan and opted for this funky fixture from Ikea. (This is the Fillsta pendant lamp.)

PS. I made the navy and green pillows from placemats I found on clearance at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I was going to post a tutorial…but then I never did. Soooo, here ya go! And please ignore my nightstand clutter. My side is always covered in books and other random items.

The next step was to do something about the closet doors.

These were just plain-old builder grade doors, which would have been fine, but they were a BEAST to move and the door track was pretty old.

I removed the doors and the track with a screwdriver… and then weighed them (nerd!).

These doors weighed a whooping 75 pounds!! No wonder they were so hard to move.

I decided that instead of doors (which we can always change to later) I wanted a curtain. I got a tension rod (the strong kind with the screw, not just the twisty kind), clipable curtain rings and this curtain from Target and we were in business.

And guess what! This is actually a shower curtain. I love the colors and it has shimmery threads in it too.

Everyone always comments on how we seemed to have so much furniture and have really filled out the house.

I think it’s funny, because we haven’t really bought any! Except for my a few small pieces downstairs, a bedside table and my desk.

Both that chair and the ladder bookshelf were curbside rescues.

And to any eagle-eyes, the cake table letters from our wedding live on over the window!

You may also remember my best-deal-in-my-lifetime, where I got all these espresso bamboo roman shades for $5 each. Thank you store manager of Lowe’s.

And yes, I’m mixing black and dark brown in this room. Oh the shame. : p

I would say all those grueling hours of scraping wallpaper were worth it.

I remember Queen Oprah saying your bedroom is one of the most important rooms to feel comfortable in because it’s the first and last place you are in every day. I definitely agree.