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DIY Tutorial: $3.00 DIY Padded Camera Strap Sleeve

Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Padded Camera Strap SleeveShutterbug speaking here. I love using my padded camera strap because the extra padding helps prevent the strap from digging into my neck, particularly so on vacation days when I tend to wear the camera all afternoon.

However, my current DIY camera strap had seen better days and it was time for a new one, so I snapped some photos of this process this time around.Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Padded Camera Strap Sleeve

This camera strap cost me about $3.00 to make.

I bought one fat-quarter and a small piece of felt from Joann Fabrics. You should measure your own camera strap – my strap is 17″ wide, and I made mine 7″ tall. The fabric scrap should be about 1″ more on both sides for the hem.Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Padded Camera Strap SleeveHow to make a DIY padded camera strap:

1. Once you’ve cut your pieces, center the felt over the wrong side of the fabric. Fold over the fabric on the short sides and sew a straight line. Do both short sides.

2 and 3. Fold and pin your corners

4. Sew the long sides. Trim off excess fabric.

5. Fold the fabric in half, wrong side out. Lay your strap over it to make sure it’s the right length.

6. Mark a line along the strap, giving yourself extra room to turn it inside out. Sewing along the line.

7 and 8. Fold down extra flaps. This will give you double the neck padding on the backside of your strap.

9. Turn your strap inside out – this may take a while. Go slowly to avoid tearing and seams. I used a long paintbrush to help turn it inside out.

Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Padded Camera Strap SleeveAnd there you have it!

Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Padded Camera Strap SleeveI’d recommend a medium to dark color fabric so maximize the life of the strap. You can add more felt if you need more padding – but it will make it more complicated to turn inside out.

Do you have any favorite camera accessories?