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Spray Painting Mason Jars

The problem with spraypainting is that you can never seem to stop.

While I was walking through my house to spraypaint a frame in the backyard, a mason jar caught my eye.

Well, I thought, why not?

Since then, I’ve spray painted a few mason jars and have enjoyed using them around the house.

I like them in plain ole white, because I think they look ceramic.

While I’m sure this idea is hardly original, I think this would be a great idea for centerpieces at a party.

A quick Google search shows that lots of other people had the same idea!

(Remember the days before Google… I was a loyal Alta Vista fan.
Somehow altavista-ing something just doesn’t have the same ring to it as googling.)

This one caught my eye. The gold is so fun!


Have you caught spraypaint fever?

Happy Friday!

Reflection on Collection

I collect seaglass.

Not the kind that comes in a giant bag from Pottery Barn.

I pick it up piece by piece whenever I visit the beach near our house. I scan the sand beneath my strides, my eyes constantly peeled for that little sparkling reflection of glass amongst the rocks.

I stick it in my pocket until we return home. Then I toss it in a jar by our front door.

They add up quickly, don’t they?

This is one of my favorite collections.

When I was little I collected all kinds of things. Barbies, rocks, Pez holders, beads, stickers, pogs.

I didn’t accumulate these pieces in the mall. I found them all while walking on the beach with friends or family. Some of them are from my Mom, some are from my husband. Some I found while running on the beach and others I found while soaking in the sun.

Every piece is a memory of sand between my toes, distant sailboats, long beach chats with my husband or watching stormy clouds roll in.

I have found blue, green, white, purple, brown, pink and even “seapottery”.

The whites are my favorite.

I like this collection because it can keep going and going and going.

Sometimes I fill up a bottle and give it as a gift.

Somehow I don’t think a collection that was bought could be just as meaningful.

Or beautiful.

3 Little Ladies and a Sugar Jar

We have some new roommates in our home: Opi, Vi and Fie (Short for Opal, Violet and Fiona). Moose and I are fighting the urge to buy a dog, so we are temporarily appeasing ourselves with our three new, lovely Beta Fish friends. (Are we kidding ourselves?)

Did you know female Betas can exist peacefully together? I thought they all fought, but apparently it’s only the males. Typical.

My fellow Pet-Lovers, have no fear. We talked fairly extensively to the “Fish Guy” at PetCo before sticking these girls together. Talking extensively to people is a talent of Moose, so we got the whole fish lowdown.

But I didn’t stick these ladies in any plain, old, round fishbowl. It will be a quaint old sugar jar for them. I bought this oversized mason jar at a garage sale a few years back. Actually, I am pretty sure the lady just gave it to me for free. The cursive raised print is so charming I feel like I’m in Loren Bray’s shop. It also says “five pounds” on the back. It’s the little things like this that give regular objects character.

I actually used this jar for a terrarium for quite some time. Thinking outside of the box helps make common items much more interesting!

Do you have any pet babies?