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Techy Pretties: Adorable Laptop Cases

Cute Laptop Sleeve and Case

Happy Hump Day!

You may notice that I have (finally) officially transferred over to my new URL – www.designlively.com – woo hoo! So feel free to update your bookmarks, etc. 🙂

Design LivelySecondly, yesterday I created a Facebook page for Design Lively, so if you’d like to get posts in your News Feed you can connect to that here.

Tech is the topic for today. Yep – my old laptop has recently passed on to another life and I’m welcoming in a new friend. Her name is Luna because she is silvery and bright like Luna Lovegood. <– Harry Potter-ism.

(RIP Chalmers. RIP Sassy.) Am I the only one who can’t name my new laptop something normal like “Kat’s Laptop” when prompted at setup?

These days I’m not hauling my laptop to coffee houses, libraries and meetings very often. Most often it’s just up to my office, down to the couch, or to the kitchen. As soon as I picked up my new computer I ordered a sleeve – and there are so many pretty ones to choose from!

While it’s mighty tempting to splurge on something swanky from Kate Spade, Miss Spade and I are on a “you can look but you can’t touch” policy.

Cute Laptop Sleeve and Case Kate Spade

This adorable orange polka dot one at $40 through Couture Zappos is actually not a half-bad deal for her normal prices, and quite tempting.

I have also seen a lot of sewn and upholstered cases on Etsy that are very cute.  But I always wonder about the actual level of protection they give. Anyone with firsthand experience out there? Maybe if my laptop just sat at my desk most of the time and I wanted a cover for surface protection I’d try it.

Cute Laptop Sleeve and Case

But you definitely can’t deny the cuteness factor of some of the Etsy cases, like this adorable one from BertiesCloset.

Cute Laptop Sleeve and CaseZazzle has an endless amount of options – you can even put your own image on their case! And, like most female accessories these days, you can get it monogrammed and it big stripes or chevron.

Were I still in school and schlepping my stuff all over campus, I’d consider a cute one with a strap, like this one by Marc Jacobs.

Cute Laptop Sleeve and Case

In the end, I decided to order the Scattered Dot pattern from Built (via Amazon Prime). I love the heftiness of their neoprene cases, they are washable, and available in many fun patterns. We’ve used a number of other Built products throughout the years and have always been happy with them.

Cute Laptop Sleeve and Case

This particular one by Built is nice because it has a hard bottom, so I can also use it as a lap tray.

I also like the neoprene cases because they are easy to slide inside of a larger bag or to lay flat inside a suitcase when traveling! Besides, who really needs the big old laptop bag with all the slots and pockets that I never use?

Are you still a computer person or have you moved over to the tablet? What does your computer case look like?

Katie Spade, I love you

I’m fairly inept when it comes to fashion designers. Like, really inept.

I like what I like and never really pay attention to “what’s new”.

Except for the miniscule fact that Kate Spade has weaseled her way into my pysche and refuses to budge.

And that’s okay.

Girlfriend’s got style.

She’s colorful.

She takes all the things I loved about Lisa Frank pocket folders in second grade but makes them socially acceptable for adult to publicly admit to liking.

She’s quirky. She doesn’t take her business too seriously.

We share a deep bond of communal love for polka dots.

She’s classic.

This bag is called the Beantown Bag. Kate, if that means you need someone in Beantown to test the waters… sign me up.

She’s got a sense of humor.

And her storefronts are my ideal playground…. I wonder if they do birthday parties…

And she minds her manners.

Kate, when you are ready to release some products at a deep discount, I am oh-so-ready.

Until then I will just lovely look at until unicorns and rainbows are dancing before my eyes.


For my fellow Boston friends, if you are looking for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, make your way down to Newbury Street. After scoping out the fabulousness that is the Kate Spade store, stop in at Sweet Bakery, also on Newbury Street (although they have several Boston locations).


We tried out the Sweetcake, Cookie Dough and Blueberry Pancake cupcakes.

The Blueberry Pancake cupcake with Maple frosting definitely took the cake.

Pun intended.


Happy President’s Day!

I hope you are also enjoying a fine vacation day today!

I’m Walkin’ on Sunshine

March. It’s in like a lion and out like a lamb. You know that saying, right?

Well, March is almost over. It should be rather lamb-like right now, shouldn’t it?

Then why is it supposed to snow this week. Again. New England, you tease. Warm one day, frigid the next.

Warm weather is coming! At least Kate Spade’s newest arrivals say so. I believe them. Don’t you?