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Easy DIY Earring Organizer

Easy DIY Earring Organizer - DesignLively

I am an accessories girl.

Accessories are less commitment, easy add-ons, and can be inexpensive (!).

You’ve already seen my DIY Necklace Rack.

I love having some of my jewelry on display so I wear different pieces more often. I keep the rest in two green fabric boxes on my dresser.

IEasy DIY Earring Organizer - DesignLively

When it came to earrings… I didn’t have a very good solution.

I was re-organizing my earrings one day when the idea came to me. While I’m sure this isn’t the most original idea I could have thought of, it was fast, easy and free. How much better can it get?

Easy DIY Earring Organizer - DesignLively

I used an old needlework hoop I had sitting around in my craft supplies and a scrap of gray/white seersucker fabric.

I stuck the fabric in the hoop, snipped off the excess and voila.

Easy DIY Earring Organizer - DesignLively

For now it’s just hanging on a removable 3M hook. (I wanted to make sure I liked using it before committing.)

And I’ve been happy with it! It’s very easy to get the earrings off and put them back on.

Easy DIY Earring Organizer - DesignLively

So this is my happy little get-ready corner.

I store the rest of my jewelry in those two little green boxes.

You might have already noticed some visual changes on the blog here – and it’s about time. Things around these parts haven’t changed one bit for the last two years – so I’m trying out some new things! Let me know if you love/hate it. I’m still exploring myself!

What’s your favorite accessory. I can’t decide if I like earrings or scarves better… : )

TDC Before and After

DIY Necklace Rack


I found this old frame on the side of the road a few months ago before we moved. I was originally going to use it for my DIY Chalkboard project, but the canvas was too bumpy for the chalkboard surface.

I ripped out the painting (sorry Miss Artist. It actually had a note on the back. Someone gave it to their Grandmother as a Christmas gift in the 1960s. Too funny.) and spray painted the frame white. Then I used pushpins to determine how far apart to put my hooks.

Then I inserted the hooks. This took a lot of…. determination. There was a thick plastic-like coating on the frame (it wasn’t hardwood) so I needed to use some extra elbow grease to put the hooks in. (A rubber mallet and a pair of pliers also helped.)

The frame already had the frame mounting hardware, so I just need to put it on the wall and add my necklaces.

This project cost me a cool $0.00, since I already had the spray paint and hooks and I found the frame on the side of the road. With some garage sale luck though, you might be able to pull off this project for somewhere around $6-8.


How do you keep your necklaces from getting tangled up?