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Inspiration Board for a Cottage Bathroom

I posted last week about the small modifications we’ve made to our bathroom over the last several years to help us get by until we were ready to totally renovate this room – and I couldn’t be happier that the time is finally here!

Here’s what I am hoping this room ends up looking like:


As you can see, I am feeling drawn to whites, grays, and blues – light, airy spaces! It feels nice and clean, which is always a good feeling in a bathroom.

While we always make a big effort to do things as inexpensively as possible, we also have a strong interest in investing in pieces that last. Items in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom get a lot of traffic – and we have no desire to redo something in a several years because it couldn’t hold up!

For flooring: I have been drooling over this Carrara Hex Tile for a long while. I tried to convince my husband to put it in the powder room but couldn’t get him on board. He’s finally come around! I love the muted mix of grays and slightly vintage feel.

via For the Love of a House

For shower tile: While he came around on the floor tile, I’ve come around on the shower tile. I always pictured just a traditional white subway tile (like everyone else on the planet), but he’s convinced me to go with oversized matte-finish rectangular tiles. Bonus: less grout to get mildewy! (Still contemplating a penny tile accent wall.)

via Molly Frey Design

For lighting: We will add some recessed can lights, but over the vanity we both like the nautical touch of a galvanized steel vanity light.

via The Handmade Home

For the vanity: Since I would love to DIY either white beadboard or board and batten in this room, and the tile is all lighter shades of gray, we are both drawn to these dark gray vanities. We have a black vanity downstairs with white beadboard, and I like the contrast.

via Southern Living

For Storage: We have a few ideas when it comes to adding storage. We’ll add recessed tile shelves in the shower, and a cabinet above the toilet. I’d also love to recess the medicine cabinets to tie into the molding – similar to this photo.

via This Old House

For the sinks: While I’m not sure about the fixture (something stainless), we know we like rectangular undermount sinks like this one. I love my undermount kitchen sink. It makes the countertop feel more spacious and it’s easy to wipe down.

via Wayfair

For Personality: I’ve had this picture “pinned’ for ages and I’d love to make a sign just like it for our bathroom!

via Inspired Design

For a Whale of a Good time: We have the big old towel bars tiled into the wall. I can’t wait to get rid of them! I would love to have a long row of hooks for towels. I’m in love with these whale’s tail hooks!!

via Houzz

For artwork: If I see if every day while I’m brushing my teeth I want to adore it. Maybe something fresh and fun like an Alex Katz print or one of my local Rockport, MA favorites George Anderson. (OR maybe I’ll get some guts and paint my own!)

via George Anderson Gallery

As I mentioned, this is currently our only bathroom upstairs. It’s also pretty small. This isn’t uncommon with older homes, but we’d like to expand the size for our own use, as well as resale value. We plan to reconfigure two closets and move a wall between the bathroom and one of our guestrooms. This will give us a lot more space to work with.

Our “must” list when it comes to this renovation:

  • Get more square footage (thankfully we’ve figured out a way to make this happen)
  • Need to keep a tub (resale purposes)
  • More storage / countertop (we’d like to fit a double vanity)

Have you ever renovated a bathroom? Any recommendations?
What part of the bathroom would you spend the most time working on?

Joining the Pallet Artwork Craze

One day I was re-organizing my office.

My former office I should say! This spring I switched jobs and am no longer working from home. It’s been a good change! Along with my new routine, my office needed a face-lift.


The office room is extremely awkward to decorate/furnish – one half )shown above) belongs to me and the other half belongs to my husband. The ceiling in my space is at an extreme slant, so it makes hanging any artwork difficult.

My favorite kinds of projects are working with pieces I already have.

First, it’s free.

Second, it helps clear out my “stuff” and gives random things I’ve been hanging on to a purpose.

Exhibit A:

Our kitchen island that we refurnished came with 2 shelves for under-cabinet storage. Since we put two stools there, we removed the shelves. It reminded me of all the pallet projects I’ve been seeing lately.

There is an endless list of pallet DIY projects these days in magazines, blogs and Pinterest- word art, headboards, couches, you-name-it!

While I was clearing out my office *ding ding ding*, I had an idea.

I decided to stain the kitchen island shelves Minwax Dark Walnut using this technique.

After they dried I hung them on each side of the window.

Then I popped some postcards/keepsakes/photographs in them by tucking the corners under the slats of wood.

I have a pet peeve about putting pushpin holes in things – probably because I rotate my artwork pretty frequently and every piece I have would be full of holes!

Plus, this way I can easily rotate what is on display.


I love the solidness that the dark stain brings to the room.

While we are talking about non-pushpin photo display projects, check out my DIY Inspiration Board from last summer.

I just added a few more strings and hung up a lot more photos using mini binder clips! It’s my secret technique for displaying photographs without ruining them.

I’m happy with my office refresh. Now if we can only remove that pesky carpet…

I already ripped up a corner to see what was underneath and all I found was crummy old flooring. Someday we’ll get there!

How do you like to display photos/momentos in your home?

A DIY Inspiration Board

I joined Young House Love and Bower Power’s Pinterest Challenge last week and I have finally completed my FIRST “I-really-wanna-do-this-cool-idea-I-saw-on-Pinterest” project.

I have been “pinning”, or saving/filing away for a rainy day for you non-pinners, different kinds of inspiration boards for quite some time now.

I knew that I wanted it to be fairly big and easily changeable so it would transform itself over and over again. I didn’t want it to be a static bulletin board of pretty things, but a constantly changing source of inspiration – be it a postcard, take-out menu or snapshot from a recent trip.

I had gotten this old canvas frame off the curb a few years ago. It was originally a huge rainbow print for a little kid’s room, but that got tossed immediately. I had some crazy pink batik fabric stretched over it to decorate my first apartment, but since then it has been sitting around in my “stuff-to-DIY-someday” pile.

First I took the frame outside and I painted it white. (This is one of those projects you can use up the rest of those “paint sample” jars you buy when picking out paint colors… this was Valspar Dove White. A trim color reject.)

For the inside of the frame there were MANY options. I thought about criss-crossing ribbons. I thought about adding chicken wire. I even considered ditching my original project and mounting the frame and putting hooks on the wall inside of the frame for jewelry instead.

In the end I decided I wanted to go for a “floaty” inspiration board look.

I marked out where I wanted to put the strings every 6 inches (because most photos/postcards aren’t taller than that). Then I took pushpins and put them on the spots that I marked.

I used pushpins instead of nails because I wanted the frame to lie flat against the wall. I was also pretty sure that if I had little nailheads sticking up it was going to scratch up my walls when I was moving the board around adding or removing pieces. (Sorry, no in-process pics. My hands were occupied.)

Then I took some fishing line. Always have fishing line. It comes in handy during the most random projects.

I tied it around the bottom right pin and then firmly pushed the pin in as far as could go. Then I snaked the fishing line around the remaining pushpins (across, up, across, up, so on). I tied it firmly around the final pin and cut the remainder off. I did this to avoid having to tie them on every pin, which would also work.

Then I got a handful of mini silver binder-clips (from the Target dollar spot!) and used these to attach my “inspiration pieces”. As you can see, the clips aren’t actually clipping on to the fishing line at all. They are hanging on them so they look like they are floating!

I propped it up against the wall in my office (yes, that’s a new paint color you haven’t seen. I am quite behind on sharing progress here. But it’s summer! Who has time to blog when you can waterski and eat popsicles?) I also leaning it at an angle so the pieces can “swing” a little bit instead of being pinned right to the wall.

It’s a clothesline for ideas.

I am considering adding some doo-dads to the frame (ribbon rosettes? letter cut-outs?) but I leaning towards leaving it as is. I like the simple geometric features the frame already has. The best part about DIY projects is that they are never really finished.

Ahhh, I feel inspired already.

And the best part is I didn’t have to spend a dime. I already had the paint, pushpins, fishing line and clips at home.

Have you done any Pinterest-inspired projects lately?