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My Best Friend, Ina

I have lunch with my good friend Ina several times a week. You may have heard of her, Ina Garten. You know, the Barefoot Contessa?

She makes me lunch while I slave away on the elliptical. Sometimes I think I can actually smell what she’s cooking. Is it weird that I watch the Food Network at the gym? Ehh, oh well.(*Edit: HAH!! This said “Foot Network” for about 3 weeks and I didn’t notice until my husband pointed it out.)

Besides the fact that I think she’s a cutie, I love Ina’s kitchen. No wonder she won kitchen of the year!!

I wonder if I had Ina’s kitchen if I would be able to cook like her…

Usually during lunch I think that I should have gone to camera-man school. I bet he gets to eat the extras all the time.

*sigh* She makes it look so easy.

I thought I wanted to be Ina’s friend so I could sit and enjoy her delicious treats in her warm, cozy kitchen…. then I saw this picture of her bathtub….

There are no words!! Ina, I’m coming!!

I will gladly stay in your Easthampton guesthouse and you can make me pumpkin french toast with blueberries for breakfast! I’ll even do the dishes!