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The Friendly Front Door

Our front door has been friendlyfied.

Yep, friendlyfied.

I decided I wanted a “friendly” green and “Apple Slice” from the Eddie Bauer paint colors line had me sold. It’s a hearty lettuce-apple green.

After removing the hardware, I sanded down some rough spots with a fine grit sandpaper – there was some factory adhesive on the front side of the door.

Then I wiped down the door with a deglosser. This will help strip the door and promote paint adhesion. I used Klean Strip Sander Deglosser from Lowes.

To use, just soak a rag in the solution and apply to the door like you are cleaning it. I used two coats of deglosser, letting it dry in between coats.

Then you’ll need to find some patience – to get the best finish you will want to do several very thin coats of paint.

I used a foam paint brush for the nooks and purchased a cabinet foam mini roller (Whizz brand from Lowes – it says “for doors and cabinets” right on the package) for the rest.

I painted 3 thin coats on the door – allowing it to dry for an hour in between each coat.

For the window grids I like to paint right on to the glass and then scrap it off with a razor afterwards.

Apple Slice – It looks fresh and clean! And friendly, if I may say so.

Now I’m itching to get the rest of our porch finished! That red floor has seen it’s last spring! We started re-screening the porch today actually!

PS – like my umbrella door mat? A lovely friend got it for me from Garnet Hill – they have lots of cute mats!

And Behind Colorful Door #3…

Today I’m not going to use any words to give you a hint as to what my next project entails…

Real Simple

Southern Living




House Of Turquoise

The jury is still out on the color.

Although I am leaning towards green!

What color is your front door?