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How to Make Swirly Paper Snowflakes

How to Make Swirly Paper Snowflakes

A few days ago I shared my Christmas decor for this year. (Yahoo!) I expect this is the last you will hear from me for the next week, as I will be fully enjoying holiday festivities, family, friends, and checking-out of the world! (Another Yahoo!)

But first! I said I’d share how I made my swirly snowflakes that are hanging in my windows.

I decided to make swirly snowflakes this year instead of the traditional cut-out snowflakes for a change of pace – and I love them! Plus, they are super easy to make, and there’s no million little pieces to pick up.

To make one snowflake you will need:

– 6 pieces of printer paper
– Scissors
– Scotch tape

How to Make Swirly Paper Snowflakes

How to make a swirly paper snowflake:

1. Fold the paper corner to corner and cut off the excess to make a square piece of paper.

2. With the paper still folded, about 1″ from the edge, cut a straight line (starting at the folded side) and stop 1″ from the center of the triangle. Repeat until you have 6-8 cuts (an even number). I like to cut a full triangle at the very end.

3. Unfold your square. Starting in the middle, bring together the first two newly-cut corners and tape.

4. Repeat, going every other set of corners. Then turn the square over and repeat.

5. Now you will have 1 section of the snowflake.

How to Make Swirly Paper Snowflakes

5. Make 5 more sections, and then tape them together at the center and on the sides.

6. Voila!

P.S. Like my new rug?

How to Make Swirly Paper Snowflakes

Last step? Tape up anywhere and enjoy!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will see you all sometime next year!

Having Ourselves a Very (Decorated) Merry Christmas


Hello there! I’m taking a break from my salted-caramel-eating, ugly-christmas-sweater-making, carol-singing, old-school-christmas-movie-watching, gift-wrapping week to stop in and share our Christmas decorations! The late-Thanksgiving threw me a bit this year, and I am behind on my gift shopping. 😐 Normally I have everything in-order a few weeks in advance, but not this year.

This is always a joyous,  but slightly harried time of year, and there’s nothing I love more than ending a long day in front of the glowing tree lights with a cup of tea.

We cut down our own tree again this year. Meaning my husband chopped, and I gathered branches for the mantle and cheered “timber!”. designlivelychristmasdecor2The bunting is just burlap triangles I drew on with sharpie and loop-stitched together.

This year we hung exterior wreaths on all the windows. I love it! It’s nice to have decorations outside during the day (when the lights can’t glow) and the wreaths also double as inside decor.

I love seeing them from every room.


Hanging from the chandelier we have my favorite set of ornaments – the 12 days of Christmas. They were given to us by my aunt as an engagement gift. They get lost on the Christmas tree, and I love being able to see them all when we eat. designlivelychristmasdecor3 Again with the (free!) evergreen boughs – which adorn the mantle, the sideboard, and the front porch.  When I was pulling out the decorations this year, I realized I have very little actual Christmas decorations – plenty of ornaments – no decor! So I picked up these  wooden trees and moose from Crate & Barrel.  And, like always, my nearly no-sew bunting is hanging.designlivelychristmasdecor5

Yep… still have only hung the one cabinet door. Hopefully this winter we will actually set some time aside to finish installing the cabinet doors, drawer facings and add the hardwear.



We keep our little fake tree in the dining room. It’s holds all my glittery ornaments. It’s the “bling tree”. You can also see it from the kitchen – which makes me happy!


I save the Christmas cards we get every year and band them together by year. They all sit in this box on an end table so I can look through them as the years go by.

I made the box from an old cigar box (that happened to say “forget-me-not”) and wired ribbon.   designlivelychristmasdecor8

I made these fun swirly snowflakes this year instead of the usual cut-out ones. I’ll be back later this week with a how-to! They are super easy! (And no tiny paper clippings to pick up!)

christmascardwreathOur Christmas Card Wreath is hanging in the hallway this year  – see how you can make one for yourself here.

Last but not least – the porch!designlivelychristmasdecor11The porch is pretty simple – a crock full of evergreen, red berries and some cool snowy looking branches from Michael’s! (yea Christmas sale!)

I’m sure the Amazon Prime delivery guy really appreciates the festive greeting. Because he sure has had to stop at our house quite a bit recently. : )

And of course our wreath. I’ve been debating re-painting the door after we re-sided the house. But I do still love this green color!



As for me, I’ve been busy baking. And Moose has been busy shoveling – we’ve gotten over 18″ of snow this week!

This morning was one of those breathtakingly beautiful mornings – the kind that make me want to stay in bed all morning.

But Christmas waits for no one. : ) Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? We will be watching Home Alone 1 and 2 this weekend!

Easy DIY Cone Christmas Tree

Easy DIY Cone Christmas Tree - DesignLively

About once a month my friend hosts a girls craft night at her house. Little does she know I’ve been trying to carve out some more time for keeping crafty (i.e. not spackling walls, sanding down dressers, or painting crown molding) so it’s been a great excuse for me to get back into it. Plus, crafting with friends is more fun.

This month we made Christmas trees from cardboard cones! We all ended up giving our projects a different treatment – and I chose white felt for a snowy tree look that I can use all season long.

1. Start with a fiberboard cone (you can get 3 for $10 here). Styrofoam cones would also work. I picked up the white felt from Michael’s for $0.33 a sheet. I ended up using 4 sheets – which makes this an easy $12 project.

2. Paint your cone white. I used an acrylic craft paint.

Easy DIY Cone Christmas Tree - DesignLively

Note: If you are DIY renovating your home you will never have nice nails. Ever.
This is the best I can do.

3. While the paint dries, cut out long half-circles from the felt like a mad woman. I used my thumb as a template for the size of the long half-circles as I cut (from knuckle to nail, about 1″ wide).

4. Get out your glue gun and go to town. Start at the bottom and work your way up, layering your half-circles to completely cover up the cone underneath.

Easy DIY Cone Christmas Tree - DesignLively

If desired, there are plenty of ways to make this project more Christmas-y (add pom-pom ornaments, use green felt, or (for the daring) glitter!). Like most Christmas decorations I have, I opted to keep this wintery-simple so I can keep it them out all season long.

For now the trees are living in my kitchen, where I have ferociously spent all weekend making Christmas candies as gifts to thank some of the many people who have been such a help to us this year both at work and with our ongoing renovations. We couldn’t do it without them!

How are you getting ready for Christmas? Our tree is up and ready to be enjoyed! Which is where I am off to now : )

A Christmas Roundup: Non-Traditional Nativity Sets

via Birch Craft

Friends, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve decked-the-halls (which I’ll share next week), and our holiday decor consists mostly of greenery, pinecones and berries. Nary a Santa to be found (in this particular case, I’m very much not my mother’s daughter).

While my general rule for holiday decorations is “seasonal – not specific”, I found myself looking at Nativity Sets earlier this week. Nativity sets are seldom seen in stores, and (to be honest) most of them aren’t really my style. So I took to the internet and found many unique and fun options. While we won’t have one this year, I’m making it my goal to find/make one we love by next year!

For the Minimalist:

While this minimalist Nativity Set by  Sebastian Bergne certainly isn’t for everyone, I think it’s pretty cool and would feel right at home in a contemporary home. Plus then there are no creepy painted faces.

For the Color-Lover:

I wish I could find a better image of this Alexander Girard Nativity Set because I love it! The colors, funky ornate patterns and chunky wood blocks are right up my alley.

For the Typophile:

I gave a little chuckle when I came across this modern typographic Oliverfabel Nativity Set.  Again, not for everyone, but it’s modern and certainly not your mother’s hand-me-down.

For Kids:

I love this painted rock nativity set by Chipper Studios on Etsy. While there are many felted/stuffed sets that are kid friendly, I think this is a more unique. Plus, with no breakable pieces, it’s okay if the Wise Men are scattered across the living room floor.

For the Outdoorsman:

Another rock set from Unique Nativity Sets! These painted rocks might be a nice touch for those who love the great outdoors. This could even be a fun DIY project, and could be made large or small depending on what size rocks you choose.

For the Do-it-Yourself-er:

I am also loving this DIY Nativity Set by Life Made Lovely via Gracelaced. I’ve seen a lot of peg-people Nativity Sets in my searches, but I think this one with the baker’s twine spools is pretty sweet looking.

For the Pinhead in your Life:

I love this one! Another great Nativity Set from Pegged Etsy Shop. This pinhead Nativity Set is another fun, modern option.

For those Without Storage Space:

Don’t want to store a bunch of little pieces? This wood block nativity scene painting by Color your Dreams Etsy Shop is a lovely alternative to the traditional set.

Do you have a Nativity Set? What does yours look like?