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See Ya Later Autumn

I had better post on the gloriness of fall because it feels as though it’s gone already! (Yes, we have already had snow.)

Where has the fall gone? While we started it off right, it seems to completely have slipped away from me! (Five weekends worth of company and two weekends away will probably do that to ya.) Before my favorite season of the year leaves us entirely – which, given the low temperatures we’ve been hitting lately, it already feels long gone – I’ll share some of my favorite fall moments.

Our fall weekends were mostly dedicated to finishing our deck – which I’m happy to say is so close to being completed! I’m not sure if we will finish that last 10% before winter or not – it’s mighty cold out there!

At the very least, we were able to admire the glory of changing fall leaves from our very own backyard while we did it.

Our CSA closed for the year, and like last year, we had a great experience! We can’t wait for it to start again in the spring.

My attempts at Halloween decorations this year were feeble at best, but I have managed to bring a few things out for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to do at least one fall craft in preparation for Thanksgiving this year. (Remember when I used to craft? Me too. I miss it.)

I won’t even share the pumpkin I carved this year. It was a pathetic attempt at 11:30pm the night before Halloween for the sake of the holiday. My costume, on the other hand, made all the Chipotle Burristas very excited.

I tried making pumpkin ice cream for the first time, and, while it wasn’t a home-run, it was tasty. Maybe I’ll try it again this week for Thanksgiving. 🙂 Which is what I am currently getting ready for!

Goodbye favorite season! Here’s to hibernating until May.

What was your favorite fall moment?

Happy Halloween!

MandMPumpkinsI found these M&M pumpkins on a stoop in the swanky Chicago Gold Coast neighborhood while we were waiting for brunch. How cute are they? I know my Mom would love them!

Woo!! What a week! I spent this past week in my favorite city – Chicago! Only to come home and begin birthday celebrations! I had the best of intentions of sitting down and writing a post, but pumpkins were begging to be carved, costumes prepped and World Series games to win! #RedSox!

I’m excited to share the progress we’ve made on the deck, as well as some of my favorite Chicago sites, and even share some info on my first Boston Blogger event I attended this week.

Until then, Happy Halloween!

5 Tips for Surviving Halloween in Salem, MA


For a few years after college I lived in Beverly, MA which is just a stone’s throw away from the better-known Salem, MA. The Salem tourism swells in October to traffic-jam-headache, no-free-chairs-at-the-coffee-shop levels of insanity. I know people whose commute triples in time during October just because of the tourism draw the town has.

BUT, going to Salem for Halloween is also a ton of fun and an experience like nothing else and is something to be experienced!

Haunted Happenings, the official website for Halloween tourism in Salem, provides a lot of helpful information and can be found here.

As a Salem Halloween veteran, here are my five tips for surviving what may be your most interesting Halloween ever:

1. Use Public Transportation

Do not under any circumstances plan on driving to Salem. Use the T. One year we decided to drive back with a friend who had worked in Salem that day to avoid the crowded train car. A 3 minute train ride became a 2.5 hour nightmare.

Tip: If you are coming from the Beverly Depot stop they usually don’t bother checking if you have a ticket because there’s too many people on the train.

2. Go all out with the costumes!

Trust me, you won’t be overdressed. 75% of the reason people go to Salem is to people-watch and check out the crazy costumes of everybody else. Plus, if you’re wearing something fun you’ll look like less of a lurker while staring at everybody else’s getup.

Tip: Hopefully this is common sense as New Englanders, but dress warmly! Once that sun goes down the chill sets in and there aren’t a lot of open shops at that point in the day to step into for a quick warm-up.

3. Don’t Plan on Site-seeing

Don’t have your heart set on doing anything in particular. Going to Salem on Halloween is more about walking around and experiencing. Salem, which is a great place to spend a Saturday, is mobbed in October and you’ll enjoy your visit much more if you wait until the hoopla passes.

Tip: Instead of hitting up the popular sites, aim for lesser known attractions: The statue of Samantha from Bewitched, or gazing at the Friendship from afar are easy things to do among the crowds.

4. Get Away from Downtown for a Break

The restaurants will be crowded – if it looks like they have an empty table, grab it while you can. The farther away from the masses, the better.

Tip: Engine House Pizza usually has a quick turn-around. Jaho’s Coffee & Tea is a great place for a warm cup of coffee and a restroom. Both are just far enough from the main drag that you won’t have to wait too long before finding a seat.

5. Get out Early

Around 7:00pm a lot of people start showing up to town. It’s fun to walk up and down Essex Street and experience the pandemonium for a while, but then you start to feel crowd-induced stress. I like to leave by 10pm. You know when your mom used to say “nothing good happens after midnight?”. Well, I’d bump this up a few hours for this particular adventure. Besides, once the carnival shuts down and shops close up, I’d rather be at home watching a scary movie with a bowl of Baby Ruth miniatures.

Tip: Be sure to get back to the train station extra early for your return ride home. There are a lot of people coming in and out of town on the train and the platforms get really congested, so you’ll want to make sure you make your time.

10 Free Fonts for Halloween DIY!


As much as I keep telling myself that summer last for a few more weeks, I can’t deny the increasing amount of Halloween candy and haystacks I’m seeing everywhere around me.

(I may or may not be eating candy corn right now…)

Some of the leaves here are starting to change and I’ve been wearing PANTS all week.

While it may not be time to bust out the pumpkins quite yet (although I was oogling a few at the grocery store this week) some of you will soon be preparing your Halloween decorations and DIY projects.

Here’s a round up of 10 free fonts (okay 11, there were too many good ones!) that will be perfect for your upcoming Halloween DIY crafts and projects. I have a few I’m starting to think about trying this year too!

Download the fonts at the links below:

1.  Sweet Halloween Dingbats
2. Zombie
3. A Gothique Time
4. An Unfortunate Event
5. Scary Halloween
6. Black Widow
7. Mystery Forest
8. Deutsche Zierschrift
9. Pumpkin
10. Tombstone
11. Punkinhead

All free fonts listed are from the font.com and should not be used in our not for commercial use.