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Splurges of a Cheapskate

In case you didn’t know already, I’m a cheap date.

But every Edward has his Bella (or is it vice versa?), so today I am sharing a few of my weaknesses:

Shower Gel | Sugar | New Girl | Boots | Stockings

1. Shower Gel

I used to hate spending money on expensive shower gel. Instead, I’d do what most people do and just buy the cheap stuff. It occured to me, 8 months later when I’m still using the same bottle, it would be worth it to spend the extra five dollars and use a shower gel I really like everyday. Think of it as a reward for dealing with blowdrying your hair.

2. Raw Sugar

Something about using raw sugar in my coffee and tea makes me feel a lot healthier. In the grand scheme of sweeteners, this is the healthiest way to go. Stay away from me you Splenda-lovers. No thank you. If this is something I am consuming on a daily basis, I want to go the extra mile.

3. DVR

Who has time to watch television live anymore? We decided if we weren’t going to pay for DVR, we weren’t going to get cable at all. Now I know that, if I’m watching the Bachelor, at least I can watch it in half the time. Now I have the opportunity to do something rewarding with those 20 minutes of commercial time.

4. Boots

Since I wear boots all fall and winter, I own a few pairs. I never buy the cheapies. When it comes to boots, they are usually cheap for a reason. Be sure to get a nice thick sole – this is the part that will wear out first. My favorite boots have lasted three full winters now and will be good for next winter too! (FYI – by “splurging” on boots, I mean waiting until this time of year and snagging a pair of $200 boots at Macy’s for 65% off.)

5. Stockings – especially fun ones!

I live in Boston. It’s cold here, and for some reason dress pants + cold weather = misery. I like to wear stockings (with aforementioned boots!) to stay warm. Cheap stockings will tear or run right away, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks. It will be worth it in the long run! (or hopefully not the long run, get it? Stockings. Long run. I’m killin’ it.)

Those are my secret splurges. What are yours!?

Yellowed Pages

Guilty Pleasures. We all have one.

Maybe yours is Starbucks frappucinos, or placemats or funky high heels. Maybe it’s an old VHS tape, a crummy t-shirt or early 90s dance song.

I know what mine is. You may be able to guess.

I am a strong woman until I see those three little words.

Used. Book. Sale.

Like today. I stopped by our local library book sale because I wrote on my calendar (*ahem about 6 months ago) that it was our local library book sale week. It was glorious. I love thumbing through piles and piles of books. Old, new, fiction, poetry, travel, classics.

New books smell good, but old books smell better. I am not sure why that is.

I take that back. Old books that are well taken care of smell good. Old ones that smell like musty basement cardboard boxes I can do without and I will plug my nose as I pass it by.

Old books that are loved have a certain smell. Any book-lover will agree. It’s as if all the tea, muffins, cable knit throw blanket and hearth-side reading chairs all leave little pieces of themselves absorbed into the paper. It’s like all the rainy skies, warm book-reading hands, loud laughs, grimaces and even the tears have been stuck inside to form a simple, papery smell that can not be reproduced.

The other perk about used books is that they are already broken in. There’s no need to feel bad about dog-earring a page because you can’t find your bookmark, which I never can. I love that you can hold the book wide open one-handedly. There is no spine-crackling, finger-lickin’ stiff page-turning or weird new book smell.

The yellowed pages. The cracked spine. The scuffed corners. Just like wrinkles and age spots, they are marking the journey it’s taken through time.

I especially love when there are messages written inside.

I have the funniest one in my Wurthing Heights novel. It’s from a girl to some boy (okay, who think he actually read Wuthering Heights? I’m going to say no.) and she talked about how the novel is like their love – it transcends time and place. *insert guffaws here*

Books can take you anywhere. Pick one up soon. Short ones count too.

And always, always read the book before you watch the movie. You won’t regret it.

Unless it’s the Vampire Diaries series. Because, well…. trust me.