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Love and a Good Cause: The Maine Float Rope Company

Maine Float Rope Doormats A few weeks ago when we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we brought home a special treat for our front door. I’ve seen a lot of these float rope doormats in stores in recent years and we finally decided to bring one home with us.

I love our cheerful mat with the pop of yellow – but here are some of my other favorites:

Maine Float Rope Doormats

How fun are these mats? Not only did they come in fun and vivid colors, but these doormats by the Maine Float Rope Company are also sustainable and practically indestructible.

Save the Whales

It all starts with my favorite animal, whales. The Northern RIght Whale which is known for living in the North Atlantic, was becoming an endangered species. While protecting these whales they discovered that these whales were getting caught in ropes in the ocean used by fishermen and lobstermen. The happy news is that this rope has been removed from the ocean and the whales are no longer in danger.

Save the Earth

But… the state of Maine is left with tons and tons of used ocean float rope. Thus, an idea was born.

Maine Float Rope Doormats

You can read the full story here. Penny Johnston started the Maine Float Rope Company. The rope is cleaned and woven into doormats, which is the product that you now see today.

As it was meant to withstand  brutal New England winters in the ocean, the mat is virtually indestructible. If it does get dirty you can hose the mat off, and if it gets grubby you can flip it over for a brand new mat.

I love this mat because it’s fun, and friendly. Plus every time you step on it you know that you’re using recycled materials. How can you lose? The price tag will set you back a bit, which is why it took me so long to finally pull the trigger. But I’m so happy that we did.

Recycled materials, locally made, saving the whales. All those make me feel pretty good. I’ll keep you posted throughout the life of the mat and let you know how it fares overtime.

What would you make with tons and tons of float rope if it were left up to you?

The Maine Float Rope Company has no idea who this crazy Kat girl is and I’ve only shared my own thoughts and opinions and love for my new doormat. This is not a sponsored post.

Installing a Beadboard Porch Ceiling – Part 2

Quite a while ago (last fall) we ripped out our porch ceiling andstarted installing a beadboard ceiling.

Part I can be found here.

Since it was so late in the year/too cold to paint, we left off here:

This spring we re-framed a large portion of the porch for a stronger structure.

We spacked, primed and painted the new structure.

We also installed crown molding to hide the imperfections.

Molding is a beautiful thing in that way.

As you can see, we also added some furring strips. We needed the one to cover a seam

(Long story: we cheated and hung the beadboard the opposite way so we had to make less cuts, but that left us with a big fat gap in the middle).  We added the rest of them to balance it out. Plus now we have a little extra architectural detail. #winning

Then I used Zinsser Primer as a base coat. I primed before spackling/caulking because it’s easier to see all the nail holes from the nail gun afterwards.

Then I went to town with a huge tub of spackle and about 8 tubes of caulking.

Then I gave it a few coats of standard white exterior paint.

We also switched out the light for a white one.

Before we see a lovely final shot, let’s take one more glance at the before:

Mainly because these days I am living for Before and Afters.

Hoorah! Nice and clean!

Now I’m on the hunt for some porch chairs, have any recommendations?

Small Front Porch Inspiration

The front porch has been the name of the game around here lately.

We’ve installed a beadboard ceiling, replaced the ceiling fan with a light, re-screened, painted the front door and painted the floor.

I’ll share pictures of that later… because right now I’ve mentally moved on to porch eye candy!! The good stuff!


I love the casual simplicity about this porch. (And it also reminds me of A Walk to Remember… anyone else?)

We already have tentative porch swing plans. (Woot!)


I love the coziness of the natural wicker and ticking textiles shown here. It truly feels like an outdoor living space.

And the gray gingham rug is my favorite part! (Note to self*)


Our porch is a long rectangle. In addition to a swing I’d like to have a small seating area to help balance out the space.

I’m really digging the natural wicker chairs – I keep staring at pictures of porches that have them.


This small front porch is the epitome of cheery!

I would love to sit out there on a Saturday afternoon with a stack of magazines and a cold glass of ice tea!


I’ve always loved this screened-in porch since I saw it in Coastal Living!

Maybe someday I’ll have a big enough porch to have a lovely meal like this spread.

It’s slowly coming together… I just hope we get to enjoy it while it’s still summer!

And Behind Colorful Door #3…

Today I’m not going to use any words to give you a hint as to what my next project entails…

Real Simple

Southern Living




House Of Turquoise

The jury is still out on the color.

Although I am leaning towards green!

What color is your front door?