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Love and a Good Cause: The Maine Float Rope Company

Maine Float Rope Doormats A few weeks ago when we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we brought home a special treat for our front door. I’ve seen a lot of these float rope doormats in stores in recent years and we finally decided to bring one home with us.

I love our cheerful mat with the pop of yellow – but here are some of my other favorites:

Maine Float Rope Doormats

How fun are these mats? Not only did they come in fun and vivid colors, but these doormats by the Maine Float Rope Company are also sustainable and practically indestructible.

Save the Whales

It all starts with my favorite animal, whales. The Northern RIght Whale which is known for living in the North Atlantic, was becoming an endangered species. While protecting these whales they discovered that these whales were getting caught in ropes in the ocean used by fishermen and lobstermen. The happy news is that this rope has been removed from the ocean and the whales are no longer in danger.

Save the Earth

But… the state of Maine is left with tons and tons of used ocean float rope. Thus, an idea was born.

Maine Float Rope Doormats

You can read the full story here. Penny Johnston started the Maine Float Rope Company. The rope is cleaned and woven into doormats, which is the product that you now see today.

As it was meant to withstand  brutal New England winters in the ocean, the mat is virtually indestructible. If it does get dirty you can hose the mat off, and if it gets grubby you can flip it over for a brand new mat.

I love this mat because it’s fun, and friendly. Plus every time you step on it you know that you’re using recycled materials. How can you lose? The price tag will set you back a bit, which is why it took me so long to finally pull the trigger. But I’m so happy that we did.

Recycled materials, locally made, saving the whales. All those make me feel pretty good. I’ll keep you posted throughout the life of the mat and let you know how it fares overtime.

What would you make with tons and tons of float rope if it were left up to you?

The Maine Float Rope Company has no idea who this crazy Kat girl is and I’ve only shared my own thoughts and opinions and love for my new doormat. This is not a sponsored post.

The Friendly Front Door

Our front door has been friendlyfied.

Yep, friendlyfied.

I decided I wanted a “friendly” green and “Apple Slice” from the Eddie Bauer paint colors line had me sold. It’s a hearty lettuce-apple green.

After removing the hardware, I sanded down some rough spots with a fine grit sandpaper – there was some factory adhesive on the front side of the door.

Then I wiped down the door with a deglosser. This will help strip the door and promote paint adhesion. I used Klean Strip Sander Deglosser from Lowes.

To use, just soak a rag in the solution and apply to the door like you are cleaning it. I used two coats of deglosser, letting it dry in between coats.

Then you’ll need to find some patience – to get the best finish you will want to do several very thin coats of paint.

I used a foam paint brush for the nooks and purchased a cabinet foam mini roller (Whizz brand from Lowes – it says “for doors and cabinets” right on the package) for the rest.

I painted 3 thin coats on the door – allowing it to dry for an hour in between each coat.

For the window grids I like to paint right on to the glass and then scrap it off with a razor afterwards.

Apple Slice – It looks fresh and clean! And friendly, if I may say so.

Now I’m itching to get the rest of our porch finished! That red floor has seen it’s last spring! We started re-screening the porch today actually!

PS – like my umbrella door mat? A lovely friend got it for me from Garnet Hill – they have lots of cute mats!

And Behind Colorful Door #3…

Today I’m not going to use any words to give you a hint as to what my next project entails…

Real Simple

Southern Living




House Of Turquoise

The jury is still out on the color.

Although I am leaning towards green!

What color is your front door?