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How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

Nearly as soon as we purchased this house, we talked about adding french doors to this entrance.

Thirty pretty panes letting in the light and airiness.

A less expensive way to add French Doors to your home is to purchase unfinished ones.

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

To paint your doors, you will need to lie them flat across two workhorses and remove all the hardware.

Do NOT remove the plastic that is covering the glass!! You will be sorry!   How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

Lightly sand all the surfaces and edges. I used a very high-grit sanding “sponge” we used for finishing the kitchen island and sideboard.

Then I primed the doors with Kilz primer, for the best protection from bleed-through. I gave each side two thin coats, letting it dry fully between coats.

No worries if you get paint all over the glass area – this is why you want to leave the plastic ON.

Then you will want to paint your doors. I used our trim paint – Valspar Swiss Coffee in semi-gloss.

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

Give each side two thin coats – use thin coats to avoid paint clumps and globs.

Make sure the side is fully dry before flipping it over to paint the other side.

Do not paint the area where the hinges will go except for one quick swipe – the paint buildup will prevent the hinges from sitting in the notch correctly. You may need to cut some paint out of the hinge at the end if it is not sitting the right way. You might not actually need to paint them at all.

When you have painted everything to your satisfaction, use a razor blade to cut off the plastic in each pane of glass.

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

Then re-hang the doors on the door frame. I did my final paint touch-up with the doors hanging.

Any paint you get on the glass can now be scraped off with a razor blade.

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

Then you will add your knob. Determine how high you’d like it (the average is 36″ from the ground).

Then sit back and appreciate that you just save a few hundred dollars. : )

How to Paint Unfinished French Doors

This room is SO close to being finished – I can’t wait to take up the floor paper. Then we can really celebrate!

I’m off to Atlanta for the week for work – talk you y’all later!

Have you been to Atlanta before? This is a first time for me!

Sunroom Renovation Progress (There are Real Walls People!)

First of all, thank you for all the Italy travel advice. You guys rock! Keep it coming!

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

The sunroom is quickly  growing up to be the family room. There’s a lot to catchup on.

The last time you saw this room, we had completely gutted her. Read about it here. (Want to know how fast time goes? I posted about gutting this room THREE months ago. It feels like yesterday.)

No more solid wood paneling. No more drop ceiling panels.

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

There has been more done in this room than I can probably explain – in all honesty, after the demolition, I have not been very involved. Moose has been doing a lot of work in conjunction with some professionals. This non-DIYing is very exciting and feels so fast! It feels like this room has come together overnight!

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

This is the doorway we have had for the last 1.5 years. And now it looks like… (drumroll please)

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLivelyall pics are from my phone. and it’s dark. so they aren’t that great. oh well!

First, we got our french doors installed!!! I am thrilled and I love the way they open up the two rooms together. Because we have an old home, an open floor plan isn’t really an option for us and this really brings the spaces together. This is a load-bearing wall, so they also needed to install a header – definitely not a DIY job for us.

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

No more ancient broken windows with rotting sills either. When we put new windows in our house 2 summers ago, we did every room except this one to delay the cost (because this room boasts a whopping 9 windows). We got our new windows installed and they look great!

The old (GROSS) insulation was ripped out, and we had a professional come in and blow foam insulation. While the upfront cost is definitely more than rolling the traditional stuff out ourselves, it will pay for itself in the next two winters. Boston winter ain’t got nuthin’ on us.

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

You might also notice the floor has been raised. This room was built on a concrete slab, so it was a step-down from the rest of our house. We had insulation rolled on the floor and then then built this subfloor on top of it – this also greatly contributes to the feeling of an open floor plan. Hardwood floors to match the rest of the house are to come.

The room has been run with all new electrical outlets, cable hookups and our ceiling has been outfitted with can lighting.

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

We have walls! Real walls for the first time in this room. This was really the kicker for me. It feels like a real room now, and it’s such a huge change to look across this living room and not see a dark pit. This was definitely another job for professionals – since we own an older home, nothing is level or square. These walls and ceilings are plaster, not plain old drywall.

The brick wall is still up for debate. We have left it open and are going to decide how we feel about it as the room comes together. More on the brick wall this week!

And just because it makes me feel good, let’s look at the before again:

DIY Home Renovation - DesignLively

We’ve come so far!

Next up for this room? Lots of painting, installation of all the window and door trim, and the floor.

The 70s Called, They Want Their Knotty Wood Paneling Back.

I am about to share a room with you that, in the 1.5 years I’ve lived here, has never appeared on this blog.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

Call it “the room I like to ignore”.

Or, as I call it, “the room where everything goes to die”.

This room is less emotionally known as the sunroom.

My bitter relationship with this room began the day we moved in.

Since we were renovating like banshees in the rest of the house, ALL of our belongings got stacked in this room when we unloaded our moving truck.

And it has not been clean, empty or organized since. The bane of my existence, this room is quite literally where our clutter goes to die.

Until NOW!

Now it is quite empty.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

In defense of this room, it is beautiful and large.

It boasts NINE windows and gets beautiful light all day long.

And the wood paneling was actually really great quality. In the words of my BFF, it was the “Cadillac of wood paneling”.

I had dreams of painting it and turning it into a quaint cottage-y room, until we determined we needed to rip everything out to run new electric and re-blow the entire room, ceiling and floor with insulation.

This was a good thing too. Not only were the disgusting ceiling tiles riddled with mouse poop:

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

But we found creatures like this hiding at the foundation.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

This room is so ill-protected from the outside it’s crazy. You can actually see sunlight coming through. Not for long!

That exposed brick you see is the backside of our fireplace in the living room.

We have some whitewashed brick projects up our sleeves that we can’t wait to test out.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

The plan for the room is straightforward: Redo everything.

After we run new electrical and can lighting, we will have new insulation blown throughout the whole room.

Then we will install new windows, new drywall, new molding and a new ceiling.

We will raise up the floor (it’s currently a step down) and continue our hardwood floors that are in the rest of the house. We will also add a baseboard heating unit so we can use this room year-round.

And, something I’m twitching with excitement about, we will turn this glass door into two french doors that open from our living room!

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

I have no idea what my end-vision for this room is yet. I am sure as I watch it take form I will get inspired.

One thing IS for sure, our television will be moving (finally!) from our living room, where it has been parked in front of two more beautiful windows since we moved in, to this room.

Do you like the feeling of a crow bar in your hand? Do you like demolition? Does mouse poop freak you out?