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Summer Nights

Today is the first day of summer. (Can I hear a collective YEAH BABY!!?)

Although today doesn’t hold as much ecstasy as it once did (is there really anything better than the feeling you got on the last day of school because you were starting summer break?), there is still plenty to look forward to. (Although I’d gladly welcome three months of popsicles, running outside and the pool club like the good ole days.)

The nights start getting shorter again starting today, and that’s okay because summer nights are a welcome sight.

While certain activities can commence throughout any seasons, in New England we really have to make the most of it and embrace the summer nights before they disappear again.

These are these nights for dinner parties with pretty strung-up lights.


These are these nights for campfires and smoky-wood-smelling conversations.


These are these nights for real s’mores.


These are these nights for turning off the television and stargazing.

image (P.S. Isn’t this a beautiful painting? It’s by David Hayward.)

Now if only I could get come fireflies out here. Then I’d be all set.



Summer, I deem thee welcome.