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LACMA Gets Dressed Up: Diane Von Furstenberg Exhibit


Fashionista I am not, but even I am familiar with Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress.

My dear friend I was visiting had been to the Journey of a Dress exhibit at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and thought I would enjoy it – she was right! The exhibit celebrates the 40th anniversary of Von Furstenberg’s brand.

The exhibit is made up of three halls – one central hallway features large-scale photographs that tell the story of the dress and its inclusion in pop culture throughout its lifetime. (Everyone from a 1970s Sharon Stone to modern-day First Lady Michelle Obama.


The second is an art gallery where Diane Von Furstenberg served as a muse to many famous artists. Many of you will recognize the famous series done by Andy Warhol. Fewer of you will recognize the haunting series of portraits done by Chuck Close (one of my personal favorite artists).


The third is the Wrap Room – a large room where many dresses are displayed, organized by theme. The dress truly transcends time, as many of the original patterns I could easily see women wear today. Only the size and shape of lapels and cuffs gave any indication of decade.


The concept of the wrap dress is simple, yet revolutionary. Truly a sign of the times when it came to the changing culture of women in the workforce. The dress, which wraps around the torso and ties at the waist, featured no tricky zippers, easily transitions from day to night, and work to play. A piece of fabric that is symbolic of the modern woman.

“For the women of the land had gone to work. Heigh-ho! It was the 70’s, and en masse, they left their sculleries and their hearths for careers in finance, law and other fields that had been the province of men… They went straight from the office out to dinner, they went around the world, washing the dress at night in their hotel room’s bathroom sink.”  – Holly Brubach, Fashion Historian


The entire hall itself is attractive and exciting – from the hot pink walls of the entry way, to the funky floors mimicking the patterns from the textiles.


The Journey of a Dress exhibit will be at the LACMA until April 1, 2014 and should you be in the L.A. area I’d certainly recommend checking it out!

Entrance to this particular exhibit is free. Parking at the LACMA is $10. For parents, if you register your child with the LACMA, your child and you (one parent) can get into any exhibit for free.

Elbow Pad Love

Adorable elbow pads from Honestlywtf – so cute!!

The elbow pad is in my future.

This winter I blew through sweaters. Emphasis on sweaters.

Perfectly good sweaters that now happen to have quarter-size holes in the left elbow.

All because when I’m on the phone at work I lean on my elbows.

I didn’t really realize this until I had discovered a fourth elbow hole in a fourth shirt. Then *lightbulb*.

Look at this adorable DIY one from A Beautiful Mess!

This post is fairly ill-timed, as I just put all my winter clothes away and got out my summer clothes.

Sidenote: I love this day!!!

Like this swanky one from Ralph Lauren.

But, as the winter progressed, every time found a top with an elbow hole I put it on my sewing table… now that winter is over I have a toppling pile (okay, five sweaters) with elbow holes waiting to be fixed!!

But I digress.

This is a teenage boy sweater, but I’d probably wear it.

I’m happy to add that it appears elbow pads are (erm, were) totally “in” this winter.

As usual I am late to the fashion party. I can’t even remember the last time I read a fashion magazine!

Another adorable DIY one from A Smile Each Day… I think I see a project in my future… x 5!

And they even make fancy ones! That’s a far cry from the classic professor leather elbow pads!

Couldn’t find the original post. Found it on this Pinterest board linked to Cupcakes and Cashmere

Elbow pads unite?

Who’s with me!?!?

Katie Spade, I love you

I’m fairly inept when it comes to fashion designers. Like, really inept.

I like what I like and never really pay attention to “what’s new”.

Except for the miniscule fact that Kate Spade has weaseled her way into my pysche and refuses to budge.

And that’s okay.

Girlfriend’s got style.

She’s colorful.

She takes all the things I loved about Lisa Frank pocket folders in second grade but makes them socially acceptable for adult to publicly admit to liking.

She’s quirky. She doesn’t take her business too seriously.

We share a deep bond of communal love for polka dots.

She’s classic.

This bag is called the Beantown Bag. Kate, if that means you need someone in Beantown to test the waters… sign me up.

She’s got a sense of humor.

And her storefronts are my ideal playground…. I wonder if they do birthday parties…

And she minds her manners.

Kate, when you are ready to release some products at a deep discount, I am oh-so-ready.

Until then I will just lovely look at until unicorns and rainbows are dancing before my eyes.


For my fellow Boston friends, if you are looking for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, make your way down to Newbury Street. After scoping out the fabulousness that is the Kate Spade store, stop in at Sweet Bakery, also on Newbury Street (although they have several Boston locations).


We tried out the Sweetcake, Cookie Dough and Blueberry Pancake cupcakes.

The Blueberry Pancake cupcake with Maple frosting definitely took the cake.

Pun intended.


Happy President’s Day!

I hope you are also enjoying a fine vacation day today!

DIY Autumn Bloom Belt

I came across this awesome tutorial on I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar and wanted to pass it on!

Cheri (aka Momma) has a lot of creative tutorials for DIY projects – a few of which are now on my task list!

When I came across her Autumn Bloom Belt, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

Here is hers:

And here is mine:

Instead of buying 1/8 of a yard for each felt color, I bought felt squares for 35 cents each. That plus the ribbon set me back about a total of $3.00 and took about 30 minutes.

(I could have made 2 belts out of the 4 felt squares and spool of grosgrain black ribbon I purchased. In fact, it was so easy I think I will make one for a friend!)

Cheri gives a great photo tutorial. Check it out here:

 Autumn Bloom Belt from I am Momma – Hear Me Roar