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See Ya Later Autumn

I had better post on the gloriness of fall because it feels as though it’s gone already! (Yes, we have already had snow.)

Where has the fall gone? While we started it off right, it seems to completely have slipped away from me! (Five weekends worth of company and two weekends away will probably do that to ya.) Before my favorite season of the year leaves us entirely – which, given the low temperatures we’ve been hitting lately, it already feels long gone – I’ll share some of my favorite fall moments.

Our fall weekends were mostly dedicated to finishing our deck – which I’m happy to say is so close to being completed! I’m not sure if we will finish that last 10% before winter or not – it’s mighty cold out there!

At the very least, we were able to admire the glory of changing fall leaves from our very own backyard while we did it.

Our CSA closed for the year, and like last year, we had a great experience! We can’t wait for it to start again in the spring.

My attempts at Halloween decorations this year were feeble at best, but I have managed to bring a few things out for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to do at least one fall craft in preparation for Thanksgiving this year. (Remember when I used to craft? Me too. I miss it.)

I won’t even share the pumpkin I carved this year. It was a pathetic attempt at 11:30pm the night before Halloween for the sake of the holiday. My costume, on the other hand, made all the Chipotle Burristas very excited.

I tried making pumpkin ice cream for the first time, and, while it wasn’t a home-run, it was tasty. Maybe I’ll try it again this week for Thanksgiving. šŸ™‚ Which is what I am currently getting ready for!

Goodbye favorite season! Here’s to hibernating until May.

What was your favorite fall moment?

Autumn DIY Project Roundup!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas must have hijacked that song from the lesser-known autumn carols, because October definitely wins that title.

While I am certainly one to celebrate the seasons a bit more than the average Jane, autumn sends me into hyperdrive. Most of the world depends on the arrival of pumpkins at the grocery store to turn their fall-brain on, but here in Massachusetts we are fortunate enough to smell it in the air when it’s decided to arrive.

It definitely smells like fall.

This week I made Pumpkin Chipotle soup, hosted a Pumpkin Ale and Cider tasting with friends, and I’m currently listening to my ice cream maker churn Pumpkin Pie ice cream (a first – we will see how it is!). What can I say – I’m a girl on a mission.

I’ve posted on a number of fall DIY projects in the past, here’s a roundup of some of my favorites:

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Door

DIY Felt Autumn Leaves Garland

DIY Rustic Twig Coffee Can Centerpiece

DIY Autumn Wreath

Nearly No-Sew DIY Patchwork Bunting

and don’t miss my Halloween font round-up for all your Halloween DIY projects:

My 10 Favorite Free Halloween Fonts

The only question – which new project to try this year?

What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored item? Starbucks pumpkin spice latte? Pumpkin pie?

North Shore Autumn Classics (You’re Welcome)

Download this adorable autumn watercolor printable from Jones Design Company here!!

Crowds mingling around a crackling bonfire. Temporarily dyed hair. Spirit week. Parades. The season of Homecoming is the inauguration of fall. When the yellow school buses make their reappearance, pumpkin flavored everything debuts on menus, and candy corn teases you from the grocery store end-caps, autumn’s arrival is just a tease. It’s homecoming that lights theĀ  torch for this fall-loving girl.

I’m well out of school, but I still love everything about homecoming. This last weekend we returned to my alma mater for my five year (I weep) class reunion.

The North Shore of Boston is my happy place. People of New England, continue going to the Cape for all your beachside gallivanting, because the North Shore is perfect just the way it is.

After we finished reminiscing all our favorite old spots, and checked out all the new updates to campus in recent years (can I go back to being a student again?), we launched our own proverbial homecoming parade past some of our favorite North Shore haunts. woodmans

Woodman’s of Essex

If you’re into Zagat-rated food served on paper plates, Woodman’s of Essex is the place for you. They claim to have invented the fried clam – I can’t tell you if that’s delicious or not, because I’ve never been able to pass up my standard order of popcorn shrimp, clam chowder, and fried fish sandwich. (All of which are best to split unless you’d like to be towed home.)

When you live on the coast of Massachusetts, it’s common to debate where the best chowder is served. Woodman’s is usually my pick.

To get the maximum Woodman’s experience, go on a sunny fall day in the late afternoon. Take your food outside and pick a picnic table – and enjoy. Watching the setting sun over the salt marshes and enjoying a delicious cup of chowder is one of my favorite mental snapshots of New England in the fall.


If you like your fish grilled and to eat off real plates, within a stone’s throw are two more delicious seafood restaurants right on the marsh that I highly recommend – Shea’s and Periwinkle’s.

Richardson’s Ice Cream

A great dinner should always be followed up by an even better dessert. There are a number of local ice cream spots on the North Shore – and you couldn’t really go wrong. But, if you wanted to pick the right one, you’d go to Richardson’s Ice Cream. (Technically I wouldn’t even call this ice cream place “North Shore” locale, but it’s totally worth the 15 minutes to get there. Captain Dusty’s is the local North Shore favorite – and it’s good. But no one can top King Rich.)

As evidenced by the number of ice cream posts on this blog, I love ice cream. So the fact that I look forward to the fall flavors at Richardson’s should mean something!


One scoop of Apple Crisp and one scoop of Pumpkin *(note – this is a size small) and send me off to heaven.

They’ve since added some new additional Fall Flavors to choose from (like Cranberry Harvest) but I don’t like to mess with perfection.

There you have it.

A walk on the beach, dinner at Woodman’s, topping off with Richardson’s fall flavors sounds like the perfect way to usher in autumn to me.

Now – it’s October 1! I can officially start decorating for fall. So you will have to excuse me!!!

What is your favorite way to celebrate the beginning of fall? Football games? Apple picking? A hayride?

DIY Felt Fall Garland

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

The decorations in my house are constantly changing.

I usually decorate the mantle and a few other parts of the house specifically around the different holidays throughout the year.

I don’t go all out. I usually do something easy and make it a project I can keep from year to year. (I have big tupperware bins labeled by holiday in my basement – therefore each year I have a few more pieces to pull out and it gets easier and easier!)

In fact, this year I only let myself buy one autumn decoration.

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I bought this pumpkin from Home Goods! For items that are on the larger side, I always go for seasonal – not holiday specific. This pumpkin is about 18 inches tall.

Remember this autumn wreath I made last year?

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I had some leftover pieces of felt in my craft bin and this idea was brought to life.

Felt Fall Garland:

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Within an hour I had:

1. Found some leaf and acorn shaped cookie cutters (from the Target dollar bin)

2. Traced on several colored pieces of felt with a fine Sharpie

3. Cut them out and laid them out in the order I wanted them to hang

4. I hand stitched them together with little knots

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Then I hung it up on my mantle with my trusty blue painters tape. Voila.

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

I think this will transition us from fall to winter – because, yikes, I can’t believe winter is almost here!

For tutorials on the previously mentioned bunting and wreath:

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

Nearly No-Sew AutumnĀ Bunting

DIY Felt Autumn Fall Leaf Garland - DesignLively

DIY Felt AutumnĀ Wreath

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