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Easy Fall Dessert: Caramel Drizzled Apples

So long Pumpkin Pie. Move over Maple Ice Cream.

My favorite fall dessert is in town – Caramel sauce and fresh apple slices.

This is the easiest fall dessert to make!

And it’s even easier than it used to be with these awesome Caramel Bits by Kraft (found by the chocolate chips, $2.99 for the bag.)

I used to make this all the time with my mom, except I had to unwrap a whole bag of these:

Now it’s even easier.

Take 1 bag of Caramel Bits and 2 tablespoons of Half and Half and slowly bring to a simmer. Caramel burns very easily, so stir often!

Easy Fall Dessert: Caramel Drizzled Apples - DesignLively

When it’s a rich, amber color it’s done!

Slice a fresh apple (yum!) and drizzle on the caramel.

Easy Fall Dessert: Caramel Drizzled Apples - DesignLively

Don’t be too hasty – it’s easy to burn your mouth!

Not that I know what that’s like… because when it comes to caramel sauce I’m the Queen of Patience.

Eat and enjoy! Happy Autumn!