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Eggspiration from Alisa Burke


I am a doodler.

I am quite sure this is a genetic trait I inherited from my father, as I have distinct memories of him drawing doodles all over the program at my little brother’s elementary school choir concert.

I also think most creative-types tend to doodle without even realizing it. (Graphic design is a pretty direct correlation, don’t you think?)

So color me amazed (I don’t draw the line at bad puns. Oh double whammy!) when I came across this very cool Easter egg project from artist Alisa Burke.

While she has several posts on creative treatments for Easter Eggs, her “doodle eggs” are the ones that caught my eye.

Check out her full tutorial here at her blog.



All images in this post belong to Alisa Burke.

Sadly, we did not decorate any eggs this year. But I am definitely doing this next year!

Did you decorate eggs this year?

Easy Easter Egg Garland

Happy Almost Easter!

Since my husband’s birthday is during the Easter season, I try to keep our decorations from being too pink and frilly. (As you can see I clearly put up my “manly” decorations – HAH!)

In my Easter “supplies” I found two new sleeves of plastic eggs I purchased last year at Stop and Shop.

(Always buy your holiday decorations after the holiday is over! While it’s kind of a buzzkill to have to use it, you’ll save anywhere from 50-80% off the cost.)

In this package was a rainbow of opalescent plastic eggs. I noticed they had two tiny holes in the top of the egg. They were probably drilled to prevent suction, but I decided to use them for another purpose… a garland!

I used two sleeves of plastic eggs and fishing line, giving this project a grand total of $2.

I took a long line of fishing string and looped it through each egg twice.

I double-looped the line so the eggs wouldn’t move around as easily. Although if you just want to string it through once, that should work just fine.

Then I strung up the garland on our mantle.

To put up my garlands I use a big piece of painter’s tape on the top of the mantle and then cover it with another decorative item. Sneaky, eh?

My husband thinks it’s kind of gaudy since they are plastic eggs, but I think it’s cute! I can enjoy it for at least a week or two.

Don’t you think they look a little bit like miniature water balloons?

For the rest of the mantle decorations, I used my infamous Wedding Accordion Wheels that have stood the test of time! I added our wooden duck (aka Scooter) back on the mantle and popped a page from an old Martha Stewart Easter edition magazine into the frame.

Lastly, I took 3 small white planting pots and filled them with shredded paper for filling Easter baskets. I topped them off with a few extra eggs and called it a day.

Voila Easter.

Don’t forget to check out last year’s “Easter Decorating in a Pinch” post.

P.S. Our bathroom is thisclose to being finished! Thanks for all the well wishes!

Easter Decorating in a Pinch


Happy Easter Weekend! : )

I had high hopes of how I wanted to decorate our house for Easter weekend, but alas, none of it really happened. I was too distracted by hammering spoons, painting end tables, watching Royal Wedding specials and eating copious amounts of jellybeans.

I did manage to grab a few things from the grocery store, which can be a great alternative to decorative stores for last-ditch efforts at decorating. I spent about $10 and used things I already had. (That’s my favorite way of decorating!)

I wish I had thought of carrots! If you look at the picture above from Martha Stewart, I love the tiny little carrots on the dessert plates. Not practical, but super cute.

Dyed eggs just weren’t in the cards this year – so plastic it is! (That’s okay. Now I don’t have to eat hard boiled eggs for the next week.) Besides the eggs, I bought the colored straw and the jellybeans.

My favorite way to decorate last minute is to pick a few colors, and then gather anything I own that belongs in that color family. Bringing together objects of the same color (plates, bowls, ribbons, candles, candy, books, etc) will immediately look put together.

Another trick? I always save my holiday Martha Stewart magazines year-to-year. It’s a fun, holiday piece to put out and it gives me ideas of how I’d like to decorate that year. (Emphasis on “how I’d like to”, as none of it happened. I still had fun looking at it though! Isn’t that what counts?)

I’ve also found that baking treats never hurts in helping to put you in the celebrating mood. : )

I made my first Scandinavian Almond loaf last weekend. My husband’s Grandma gave me the pan and recipe for Christmas. My first one turned out pretty terrible. This one was delicious!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to spend it with family.    : )

PS. These placemats are reversible! How fun are they?