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Get Ready to Powder Your Noses my Friends, the Downstairs Bath is Complete (!!)

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

After 6 long months without a downstairs bathroom, we finally finished ours in April.

It wasn’t an easy job, after gutting the entire bathroom (right down to the studs and floorboards), we started with a clean slate. You wouldn’t think such a teeny tiny (about 12 sq. feet) would be so much work.

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

We got everything in working order in April, we’ve since gotten most of the finishing touches done on the room and I’m ready to say we’ve crossed the finished line this weekend.

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

I found this awesome weathered, chunky mirror at HomeGoods. It’s half distressed nautical wheel and half rusty mechanical wheel.

(Sorry for all the cut off photos… it’s hard to photograph such a small room!)

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

It’s big.

Most people would choose a smaller mirror because it’s a smaller space. But, I love it. Sometimes you need to just go with your gut.

The wonderful invention of light has finally returned to our bathroom as well. We ripped out the old wall sconces and installed this overhead 3-light fixture. The white opaque shades modernize the weathered mirror.

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

For a splash of artwork I hung a barnwood frame (to go with the mirror) and put in some of our UK trip landscape photos in sepia. It’s a small room and I didn’t want anything too bold too compete with the mirror. And of course the necessities – the towel bar and paper roll holder (which we finally hung!)

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

For now, for privacy, we have a white sheer hanging. I plan to add a plantation shutter like this:

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovationvia

But we need to have it custom made because that window is so narrow! For now the white sheer with the tension rod does the job.

But my favorite part is our faucet.

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

We found this baby on the clearance rack. While this Price Pfister faucet normally retails for around $150, we got it for $20 because it was missing all the screws to hook it up. We called Price Pfister and they sent us those parts in the mail for FREE! I’ll take that $120 saved and take it right to the bank, thank you very much.

While it may not be the easy route, being willing to take a few extra steps in your renovations can help you save a lot of money.

And just because I love a good old before and after:

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation

DesignLively - our DIY small bathroom renovation


Powder Room Inspiration Board

Sources:  Shutter, Vanity, Toliet    Flooring    Lighting    Mirror

As our kitchen is creeping its way toward the finish line, we’ve been slowly preparing ourselves for the next big project.

When one big project is wrapping up what else would you do besides plan another?? We’re nearly sadists over here.

That next big project would be our itty-bitty powder room.

You saw our powder room here in November when we gutted it. (And has happily sat that way ever since.)

(Sidenote: For people who are afraid of having people over during renovations… we had a New Year’s party this year and had no downstairs bathroom. And… surprise, surprise! It was a non-issue. Actually… I don’t think I even remembered to tell people they needed to go upstairs. They likely opened the door and figured things out for themselves. In summary: don’t let renovating keep you from having a life.)

As seen above, we were rockin’ some Barbie-skin colored walls (like a lot of our house), awkward extending countertop, horrible shoulder-cramp-inducing toliet placement and a teeny tiny sink.

Down came the weird countertop extension. Then we ripped out and shut off that raditator and hired plumbers to move the toliet plumbing so it would sit in front of the window. Then a husband-shaped tornado came through and everything was gone-zo. Gone-gone not coming back gone. Even the floor and towel bars.


Anyhow, back to something that looks a lot prettier.

Sources:  Shutter, Vanity, Toliet    Flooring    Lighting    Mirror

Since we have that nice big window in our bathroom we will need to create some privacy. I’d like to get a plantation shutter so it will still let the light in.

The walls are pretty marked up from where we ripped out the countertop and the previous toliet. Since we want to save ourselves from re-drywalling, we thought we would add beadboard and molding along the bottom half of the wall to cover up any imperfections. Spackle is good, but it can’t solve all your problems.

The flooring was previously a fake wood. We’re exploring different tiling options now. I, for one, am really excited to learn how to DIY this. This, fortunately, will not be a huge cost because we only need to cover about 12 square feet of flooring! YEAH for tiny bathroom.

In regards to paint colors, lighting and accessories… who really knows!

We love the look of reclaimed barnwood. I see big mirrors like that at HomeGoods every once in a while. Or maybe we could even DIY something. And while this Restoration Hardware mirror in my inspiration board is beautiful, we will definitely not spend that much on a mirror.

Oh yes, and we bought that vanity on clearance over the summer. It’s been getting chummy with our basement since then.

I think it’s time to get my bargain-sniffer back out.


If you had to start from scratch in your bathroom, what would your most important feature be?