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Drywall, thou art not my friend

On the heels of this project:

DesignLively - DIY Renovations

Drywall, thou art mine enemy.

Or frenemy, because I like new drywall.

DesignLively - DIY Renovations

Bathroom medicine cabinet? GONE!

DesignLively - DIY Renovations

Door molding? Bedroom wall? BAM!

Our walls are shakin’ in their boots around these parts.
Happy Saturday!!

The Weirdest House DIY Thing We’ve Encountered

I’m still baffled by this.

We are (finally!) gutting our 70s wood paneled three-season room.

In the process, amongst the insulation, we found…

A snake skeleton.

Fully intact.

I HATE snakes.

Loathe. Despise. Cry-me-a-river-to-my-Momma fraidy-pants of snakes.

But I also worked in the spine medical device industry for four years, and this thing has got a lot of vertebrae.

Thus I was torn.

Compelled to look, yearning to run away.

So I poked it with my crow bar, took a few photos and then it disappeared into our Shop-Vac.

Followed by the Heebie Jeebies for the next three days.

Weird, huh?