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Wedding DIY: Ceremony Accordion Wheels

In keeping with my August theme of wedding DIY projects, today I am sharing some of our ceremony decorations.

We got married outside and had plain white chairs. To make an impact I wanted to put these pinwheel/accordion wheels on the backs of the chairs in the back row.

I went to Michael’s and bought a pre-packaged assortment of cardstock (that just happened to be in my general color scheme) for $8. (This is definitely the most cost effective way. I believe it was 50 sheets of cardstock.)

While I did not take any in-process photos (as I did this project over a year ago – sorry!) I found a great tutorial here at: I [totally] Heart Blog

For each wheel:

1. Take 4 sheets of the same color paper and cut down to an 8×8 square (You can make these at any size. This is just what I did.)

2. Fold the square in an accordion style – about 1 inch folds. I used a metal straight edge to fold.

3. Use a hot glue gun to glue them together into one long accordion.

4. When dry, lie flat on the ground and fold around into a wheel. Glue the seam and inject the middle of the wheel with hot glue as well. You will want to hold this for a good minute to let the wheel dry.

5. I sliced a small hole in the top and looped ribbon through it to tie around the chairs.

It was a great success and made a big impact! For $15 including glue and ribbon.

The only other ceremony decor we had was some aisle runner flowers. I got the shepherd’s hooks on clearance at Joann’s and our florist did the rest!

After the wedding these were hanging in our guest room. I couldn’t part with them, so they are waiting to be hung somewhere in our new house as well!

I feel like I should be humming “Here Comes the Bride” right now… but really I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. And I didn’t realize until this moment that they both start with “Here Comes The”.

Funny how that works!

To Magnet or Not to Magnet? That is the Question.

Appliances has been a recent topic of discussion in our home. Particularly stainless steel appliances. We’re looking are are taking the appliance plunge pretty soon which has resulted in lots of blog-hunting. There are so many drool-worthy kitchens!

This is the look we are going for:

Hmmmm. White cabinets. Brushed nickel hardware. Blue gray walls. It’s so fresh and clean, but homey and inviting at the same time.

Images compliments of Cappucino Cottage:

This brought up the question of the refrigerator. There are two kinds of people in the world. 1. The kind that have nice, clean, clutter-less¬† fridge doors, and 2. The kind that cover it with all kinds of junk. We are the latter. We currently have lots of photo magnet frames covering our fridge and don’t plan on changing anytime soon! BUT, stainless steel appliances are not magnetic! What to do?

Apparently this was a concern to Moose. He ran in earlier this afternoon very excited about a certain discovery… Happeez.¬† Happeez is a company that specializes in pretty magnets, clips and notepads that stick to stainless steel appliances (is he the perfect guy for me or what?).

Happeez products can be found in the Paper Store near you, or http://www.mayfairlane.com.