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I Hafta Crafta

You may remember from this post that we went on a Model Home tour while we were in Denver. Upon our winding journey throughout wine cellars, media rooms and ginormous bathrooms I stumbled upon heaven.

Yes. Heaven. Craft heaven.

See? We’re so happy we’re too busy to look at the camera.

I loved these framed spools of thread. So pretty and different.

While I’m on the subject, here are some awesome craft inspiration rooms from Home Designing. Maybe someday I’ll at least be able to upgrade from Craft-Boxes-Under-the-Bed-in-the-Back-Bedroom to Craft Corner.

This one is so girly and pretty! For some reason I don’t think my fabrics would ever stay in those neat little piles. I think the little pom window valance is so cute (and easy to DIY!)

Look at all those paints! She’s like me! I also love all the threads pinned up on the corkboard. Craft materials can be just as pretty as the craft itself!

I love a lot of things about this room – from the wallpapers bookshelf backing, to the awesome pendant light, to the funky curtains.

Anyone recognize anything in this one?

Hint, hint. Check out this post...

Yep! That’s my alphabet mirror! My mom has one too!

Do you have a hobby room/”area”?