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Christmas Cards on Parade

DIY Christmas Card Wreath - DesignLively

Who doesn’t love getting mail?

As soon as Thanksgiving passes, I look forward to checking the mail every day. It’s practically the only time of year we get snail-mail these days.

This year, I decided to create a clothes-pin wreath – after being inspired by this tutorial on GwennyPenny. (This tutorial uses wire and has cute bead beads too!)

DIY Christmas Card Wreath - DesignLively

Project Steps:

1. I used an embroidery hoop (the interior one without the buckle.) Mine is about 12″ in diameter.

2. I attached clothes pins (about 40) with hot glue all around – leaving a 2″ space for the ribbon.

3. Then I painted them all holly-green! (I only painted the top flat surface).

4. I tied on a plaid ribbon and hung it in our hallway. Then I clipped on our cards as they came in!

It makes me happy to see it every day and I walk down the stairs!

This project cost me $0.00. I had the clothes pins (leftover from a Baby Shower game) and had the paint and hoop on hand. But you could probably make this with new materials for under $5!

DIY Christmas Card Wreath - DesignLively

I love to save our Christmas cards and look at them year-to-year. It’s fun to see how people change over time. I keep them all in this box.

It was a cigar box (that conveniently says “forget-me-nots” on it!) that I glued a ribbon and bow on.

I can’t believe Christmas is already here! Merry Christmas!

How to Make $0.24 Christmas Cards


One of my favorite things this time of year is receiving mail. Good old fashioned, stamped, icky tasting envelope sealant snail mail.

No one sends mail anymore these days. It’s all about the modern technologies called email and text message. My mailbox (not to be confused with my inbox) is usually full of credit card offers, landscaping company fliers and coupons for dry cleaning.

But not lately! The last few weeks we have opened up cards with sparkles and photos and flourish.

I’ve finally recovered from sending out wedding-related mail and we sent out a few cards this year. While there are tons of adorable online options (like Tiny Prints and Shutterfly), I wasn’t really feeling the price tag at $1.15 to $1.50 per card. Captain Cheap-o over here, remember?

We had a friend take our picture (free!) and I put together my card in Adobe Illustrator. Then I uploaded my file and ordered prints of my card from Shutterfly. Remember to leave extra room just in case of sloppy cropping so the words or photo didn’t get sliced off. I also choose the matte finish to prevent fingerprints and look more card-like.

I ordered 50 prints of our card from Shutterfly for .09 cents each and I had an email promo code for free shipping = $4.50

Then I went to Joann Fabric’s and purchased a pack of blank cardstock folded cards that came with the accompanying envelope.

A package of 50 blank cards for $9.99 (Mine were on sale for $7.50, or you could print out a 20% off Joann’s coupon) = $7.50

Then I used some rubber cement to adhere my “photo” to the front and all I had to do was write on the inside and ship them off.

If I has purchased my 50 cards from one of the internet resources I was looking at I would have spent: 50 x $1.30 = $65 (+ shipping) total

Since I only spent $4.50 for the prints and $7.50 for the cards I spent a grand total of $12.00, bringing my cost to $0.24 cents a card.

I saved $53.00 by making my cards rather than purchasing them online!!

Now if I could figure out a way to mail them for less than $0.42 cents each…

and I leave you with my favorite Christmas song: