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Fancy Schmancy DIY Headband for $3

I love rosette headbands.

I could be wearing old sweats and a t-shirt, but I can put on a rosette headband and all of a sudden I’m fancy.

I made my first rosette headband this weekend.

I think it’s safe to say I may never buy another from from a store again.

I made this one for a fabulous $3.00.

The headband was $1.99 from A.C. Moore and I bought the ribbon from the $1.00 ribbon bin.

Unfortunately I can’t find the tutorial I used anywhere! Ugh! I will keep looking.

It was your basic no-sew ribbon rosette.

I used about a yard of ribbon and folded it in half horizontally. Then I rolled up the first couple inches, dispersing hot glue every so often.

Then I just glued the ribbon as I went around and around, flipping the ribbon over every once in a while.

I’d say that was $3.00 well spent!

Well tra la la, I need to go do something fancy now.

I feel the overwhelming need to find frosting and glitter.

Easy Ugly Pillow Makeover

I love the clearance aisle. That’s no secret here.

When I’m buying decorations for our house, they are usually from the clearance aisle. I appreciate things more when I know that I didn’t over-pay for them. Also, if tragedy strikes and something is ruined, it’s not a big deal.

As I’ve stated here many times before, I especially love to scope out the clearance aisle at Lowe’s. We’ve gotten many a steal there.

Like a few monthes ago, as I rounded the corner I saw this towering box of four ugly, fringey, not-at-all-my-style brown throw pillows.

Then I took a closer look… $1.35 a pillow down from $13.48. That’s pretty cheap – just over $5 for four pillows!! Albeit ugly pillows. (Sorry if you like them!)

When I turned the corner and my husband saw what I was carrying, a grim look crossed his face.

“I can’t even buy stuffing for four pillows for this cheap!” I proclaimed and sealed the deal.

I brought them home.

They have been sitting in my office closet ever since until I found a bolt of outdoor fabric at Joann’s Fabrics for 50% off. I got 4 yards for $15.

I like sewing with outdoor fabric. Particularly for projects like pillows or other high traffic items.

First I sliced off all the fringe. Then I made a simple envelope pillow case (similar to this tutorial here). (Again, so not good enough to do tutorials yet. BUT, it’s so easy even I could do it!)

I’m really happy with how they came out, and the envelope pillow slip is very easy to change if I get tired of them.

(I do need to give them another iron though it looks like.)

While similarly sized and style throw pillows are at Pottery Barn and West Elm for $20 a piece, these ran me $5 each pillow. So I could make four of these for the price of one fancy store pillow.

While I could have easy paid the original price of $13 per pillow, totaling $52 (!!) for ugly pillows, I paid $20 and made four pillows that I love!

Next time you are in the clearance aisle, don’t snub the ugly stuff! You never know what it can become.

What recent clearance bin items have you discovered lately?