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Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate 3 years of marriage here in Kat+Moose world. Last year I posted on unique cotton-themed anniversary gifts, and (randomly) it’s been one of the most widely read posts I’ve written. Which just goes to proves there aren’t very many good ideas out there and other people are searching for ideas just like myself.

As I mentioned before, we don’t usually do large gifts, and I like to use the recommended yearly themes (which can be found here) as a jumping off point.

Year three is leather. How do I feel about leather? Meh.

Leather clothes aren’t my jam, and, while I’d gladly take a new car with leather seats, that’s not going to happen. There are the obvious choices – a leather belt, a wallet, journal or shoes. (Yawwwwwn.) Also, leather tends to be pricey, which we all know I’m not a fan of.

Let’s explore some unique leather options to celebrate the third year of marriage.

Gone Country

Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

We are country-music-lovers in this household. Fun cowgirl boots are always something I’m keeping my eye out for. Luke Bryan is something I’m always keeping my eye out for too. (*wink, wink) A western belt with a funky buckle and an Eric Church CD might work for him.

Get Glam

Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

Get your Grace Kelly and Cary Grant on. If country isn’t your thing, try going for some classic glamour with some leather driving gloves like these beauties from Aspinal of London. Or perhaps a new steering wheel cover?

Get Artsy

lThird Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

While I’d probably let a leather-bound journal gather dust, a leather-bound copy of a favorite book might get some attention. Barnes & Noble has come out with some beautifully detailed leather-bound versions of popular classics. These are some that you might find in our house! They are pretty enough to leave out on a coffee table.

Get it Together

Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts

If you travel a lot, Moose does, maybe this cord organizer (The Cordito – hah! a cord burrito) would be a helpful and handy on-the-go travel organizer. After all, when you have the iPhone, an iPad, a Kindle and headphones, the cords start to add up. And for her, I suggest a monogrammed leather business card holder? My cards are always floating around in my purse.

Film Critics

Third Anniversary: Unique “Leather” Themed Gifts
Really desperate? There’s always the guy-friendly movie The Leatherheads or the leather-jacket inspired musical Grease.

If you’re still uninspired, just tie any gift with a bit of leather rope as a nod to the tradition.

How about you? Any more leather ideas? I have a little bit more time to brainstorm!

Second Anniversary: Unique “Cotton” Themed Gifts

Tomorrow is our second anniversary. (Woot!)

Last year I posted about our Weekend Trip to Cape Cod. I’m not sure what we’re doing yet this year (it’s his turn to plan!) but there will certainly be celebrating!

Anniversary gifts are a funny thing. We don’t usually do large gifts, but I do like to follow the “traditional gift themes”. It makes it more interesting! Last year was “paper”, and together we bought several pieces of art for the kitchen.

This year is cotton.

The suggested gift ideas are things like “towels”, “fancy bedsheets” or “robes”. Now, those are all great things, but I think the grand listmaker seems to have forgotten that only two years ago we were blessed with many, many such items at our wedding and certainly are in no need of more.

Therefore, my mission today is to come up with few non-traditional cotton-themed gift ideas!


Like the Pawleys Island Presidential Rope Hammock from Hammock Company.  Everyone needs a cozy hammock to snooze the afternoon away in. We have one just like this in our basement waiting to be hung in a tree.


How about a cute Boat & Tote Bag from L.L.Bean? I’d love to have one with my monogram on it. Use it at the market, the library the gym or the beach! The possibilities (as are the design combinations) are endless!

I have always wanted to learn how to use a Letterpress, but since cotton, and not iron, is the theme, consider a letterpress poster on cotton paper.

Like this beauty from by Ursula K Le Guin.


Or if you are looking for some floor decor, I love these fun accent cotton rugs! The colors and prints are so cute!


Coincidentally, we bought couches this week! (Love that tax-free holiday!) Technically they aren’t made of cotton, but that’s pretty darn close. If you’re looking for a piece of cotton themed upholstered furniture look for something smaller like a reading chair or ottoman.


If none of those ideas are up your alley, pair a box of coffee filters (yep, cotton!) with your favorite beans. Heck, I’d even settle for some dollar bills (also cotton!) and go on a mini shopping spree.

I’d also settle for that bathrobe as long as it came with a promise of a renovated bathroom! : )

Happy Anniversary to my Handyman! (Brought to you my James Taylor – who we saw in concert last month and was AWESOME!!!)