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  1. Jennifer

    Hi, I have been admiring your beautiful kitchen renovation. I practically have the same 1950’s cabinets that you had, however they haven’t been painted yet. I was trying to find a post on how you decided to get new doors instead of reusing the doors that you had already painted? Also, where did you buy the new doors? I assume they were custom built??

  2. Tara

    HI!!! I love your new room where you replaced the wood!!! What color is that on the walls? And brand? Its the most gorgegous color ever!!!!!

    1. designlively Post author

      Hello! Why thank you very much! That paint color is called Shoreline Haze and it’s by Valspar. I love it too, we have it in our living room and family room. It’s a nice clay oatmeal gray color but still warm.


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