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Mad for Melamine: A Summery Dishware Roundup


In the last week I’ve tossed three cereal bowls and a dinner plate. Our cheerful sunflower yellow everyday dishes from Target are on their last legs, or should I say our last fingers, as our dishes have started to turn scalding hot in the microwave (and begun to crack – hence the need to toss some). Suffice it to say that new dishware has been on my mind.

Around this time of year, outdoor dining accessories flood the retail space. In fact, I nearly bought a fun set of Cynthia Rowley melamine dishes yesterday! I have a small set of melamine dessert plates in our picnic basket, but am considering getting a whole set for dining. They aren’t only unbreakable, but come in so many fun colors and patterns it’s hard to say no!

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Thomas Paul Amalfi 11″ Dinner Plate
2. Benidorm Yellow Le Cadeaux Dinner Plate
3. First Impression melamine Plates by Lilly Pulitzer
4. Kat Melamine Dinner Plate by French Bull
5. Grass Melamine Dinner Plate by French Bull
6. Simple Chevron 10″ Melamine Plate, Red, by Nicole Porter
7.La Med Melamine Dinner Plates from Williams Sonoma
8. CĂ´te d’Azur Melamine Salad Plate by Jonathan Adler
9. Zak Designs Carnival 10-3/4-Inch Dinner Plates

I am LOVING the French Bull Grass plates right in the middle – crazy and colorful – which is right up my alley. How fun would it be paired with some of these Ziggy collection serving pieces?

French Bull Ziggy Collection

For those of you wary of plastic dinnerware – read more here at SafeMama about melamine dishes. I’m always wary of using plasticware for heating, so I probably wouldn’t microwave melamine or put them in the dishwasher no matter what the plate said. But – to each their own!

Which melamine plate set would you pick? Do you have melamine dishes?

Diagon Alley! Colorful Fire Pinecones

Pardon me while I get my bearings. I’m suffering from weather whiplash. It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately because I’ve just returned from a nice vacation in sunny California! And now I’m watching the snow fall heavily outside my window.

As I am enjoying staying inside in our warm house, I thought the perfect way to bounce back into blogging would be to share one of our favorite winter things: colorful fires! I love a good fire and goodness knows we have enough firewood to keep them going.

When the fire is roaring, I love to throw a few flame-glo pinecones in the mix. Colorful pinecones (like these) are a fun way to add a little zest to your evening fire.fire1

The crystals on the pinecones cause the flames to flicker in shades of deep blue, regal purple, and electric green. The colors last quite a while too! If you have ever had a driftwood fire, the effect is the same.


I can’t help but pretend it’s floo powder when I toss it onto the logs and call out some sort of Harry Potter-ism.

Diagon Alley!


Petrificus totalus!


Wingardium leviosa!

I think that’s as close to Hogwarts as I will ever get.


We have gotten these Meeco’s Red Devil flame cones as a gift from my sister-in-law and love them! Since we only use three or four cones per fire, we’re able to make one box last for the season. $15 for months of joy. :p

I am looking forward to also trying them at the lake this summer! (Although it’s probably best to roast your s’mores before these bringing out these bad boys!)

How are you staying warm this winter?

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the joy. Meeco’s flame cones has no idea who this crazy blogging Harry-Potter-chanting-muggle is. All opinions are my own.

Love and a Good Cause: The Maine Float Rope Company

Maine Float Rope Doormats A few weeks ago when we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we brought home a special treat for our front door. I’ve seen a lot of these float rope doormats in stores in recent years and we finally decided to bring one home with us.

I love our cheerful mat with the pop of yellow – but here are some of my other favorites:

Maine Float Rope Doormats

How fun are these mats? Not only did they come in fun and vivid colors, but these doormats by the Maine Float Rope Company are also sustainable and practically indestructible.

Save the Whales

It all starts with my favorite animal, whales. The Northern RIght Whale which is known for living in the North Atlantic, was becoming an endangered species. While protecting these whales they discovered that these whales were getting caught in ropes in the ocean used by fishermen and lobstermen. The happy news is that this rope has been removed from the ocean and the whales are no longer in danger.

Save the Earth

But… the state of Maine is left with tons and tons of used ocean float rope. Thus, an idea was born.

Maine Float Rope Doormats

You can read the full story here. Penny Johnston started the Maine Float Rope Company. The rope is cleaned and woven into doormats, which is the product that you now see today.

As it was meant to withstand  brutal New England winters in the ocean, the mat is virtually indestructible. If it does get dirty you can hose the mat off, and if it gets grubby you can flip it over for a brand new mat.

I love this mat because it’s fun, and friendly. Plus every time you step on it you know that you’re using recycled materials. How can you lose? The price tag will set you back a bit, which is why it took me so long to finally pull the trigger. But I’m so happy that we did.

Recycled materials, locally made, saving the whales. All those make me feel pretty good. I’ll keep you posted throughout the life of the mat and let you know how it fares overtime.

What would you make with tons and tons of float rope if it were left up to you?

The Maine Float Rope Company has no idea who this crazy Kat girl is and I’ve only shared my own thoughts and opinions and love for my new doormat. This is not a sponsored post.

Top 9: Spring & Summer Scarves

I’ve said it before, but I’m an accessories girl. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, and scarves.

Scarves are one of my favorite ways to accessorize and also keep me warm! It’s definitely spring here in Boston, but my scarf-loving ways will stay strong at least until June. (Then I usually don’t bother with them until October or so.)

Besides, it’s been far too long since I have done a top 9 post!

summer and spring scarves

Not that I need to add any scarves to my collection, but here are 9 of my favorite for spring and summer:

1. Multi-Stripe Scarf from Talbots – $59 You can’t get more summery than crisp white and bright colored stripes.

2. Pop Art Scarf from Kate Spade – $128 While this scarf is out of my budget, this classic summery print is still tempting! And dressy!

3. Coral Open Knit Scarf from Forever 21 – $8 Square bandanna style scarves are totally underrated! This coral color will also look great with a tan. : )

4. Cornflower Circle Scarf from Modcloth – $25 This color is just lovely. The end. Pair with any t-shirt.

5. Graduated Stripe Scarf from Forever 21 – $9 Black and white stripes will go with every color and every season. Dress it up and dress it down!

6. Echo Graphic Geo Wrap from Zappos – $38 Now this scarf is my jam. Three words: Hint, Hint Husband.

7. Pashmina from JCP – $10 You can’t go wrong with a classic pashmina, try one in a fun citrus shade!

8. Riley Scarf by Lily Pulitzer – $78 If this cabana-stripe doesn’t say white shorts and sandals in Nantucket, than I don’t know what does.

9. Marker Swirl Scarf from JCP – $10 Spring scarves don’t have to be brightly colored. This emerald gauzy scarf is lightweight, and pretty too!