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Diagon Alley! Colorful Fire Pinecones

Pardon me while I get my bearings. I’m suffering from weather whiplash. It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately because I’ve just returned from a nice vacation in sunny California! And now I’m watching the snow fall heavily outside my window.

As I am enjoying staying inside in our warm house, I thought the perfect way to bounce back into blogging would be to share one of our favorite winter things: colorful fires! I love a good fire and goodness knows we have enough firewood to keep them going.

When the fire is roaring, I love to throw a few flame-glo pinecones in the mix. Colorful pinecones (like these) are a fun way to add a little zest to your evening fire.fire1

The crystals on the pinecones cause the flames to flicker in shades of deep blue, regal purple, and electric green. The colors last quite a while too! If you have ever had a driftwood fire, the effect is the same.


I can’t help but pretend it’s floo powder when I toss it onto the logs and call out some sort of Harry Potter-ism.

Diagon Alley!


Petrificus totalus!


Wingardium leviosa!

I think that’s as close to Hogwarts as I will ever get.


We have gotten these Meeco’s Red Devil flame cones as a gift from my sister-in-law and love them! Since we only use three or four cones per fire, we’re able to make one box last for the season. $15 for months of joy. :p

I am looking forward to also trying them at the lake this summer! (Although it’s probably best to roast your s’mores before these bringing out these bad boys!)

How are you staying warm this winter?

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the joy. Meeco’s flame cones has no idea who this crazy blogging Harry-Potter-chanting-muggle is. All opinions are my own.

Recipe for a Girls Weekend

One of my besties was in town this week. : )

We [temporarily] reverted rediscovered our young girlish ways (only best friends can bring about such behavior in another, you know) and my poor husband had to live with TWO crazy gals instead of the normally ONE crazy girl. He’s a good sport.

You can read her gushing about our friendship over at her blog, Mademoiselle Michael. From middle school sleepovers to college dorm roomies to sharing an apartment as young professional gals, it only felt natural to be reunited again.

Time is a fickle thing. We are always looking forward but love reliving what was. Luckily, we have the kind of friendship where time and distance ain’t no thang.

And pick up where we left off we did! Sour watermelon gummies, Gilmore Girls reruns, Nicholas Sparks DVDs and staying up way too late. Except we got to add in our new things, like Pinterest-induced stupors,  Gluten-Free recipe ingredients and our obsessive dependence on coffee (hot and iced, since it’s that wonderful time of year).

(Side note: Good grief am I glad Pinterest wasn’t invented while I was in college…)

We rocked Girls Weekend.

Our weekend in links:

P.F. Chang Lettuce Wraps recipe from Iowa Girl Eats


We nixed the mushrooms, rice vinegar and peanuts. But YUM.

We loved it so much we made it two nights in a row!

Thanks to Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats for the awesome recipe!

Nicholas Sparks made an appearance. As did Zac Efron.

Except I spent the entire movie paying attention to the house… isn’t that a side affect of too much DIY reno?

… and now that I’ve officially spent the last 15 minutes unsuccessfully finding a picture of the kitchen (which I looooved) this was the best I could find.

I think I found enough inspiration to get revved up for our fall projects.

Because, if you’ve been paying any attention to Withywindle this summer, we’ve been seriously lazy on the summer projects. Oh well : )

There were coffeehouses, book recommendations and swapping our favorite blogs.

One of my favorites is Hooked on Houses – check out celebrity houses and houses from your favorite movies!

Our Recipe for a Girls Weekend?

– Sappy movies, because who else will watch them with you?
– Tasty food (tried and true favorites)
– New recipes to cook together!
– And of course some exercise to work off the late night snacking!

What do you and your BFF like to do together?

Love Me Some Fresh Veggies

One of my resolutions this year was to eat more fresh produce (which we’ve been doing great at!) and joining a local CSA.

We joined a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program this spring through a local farm that is just down the road from our house. We have been doing it for a month now and we love it!

For those who don’t know what a CSA is – you are basically purchasing a portion of crops for the entire season. In our program we signed up for a plan a few months ago (we chose the smallest plan since we have never done it before).

Basically, once a week we are able to go to the farm and pick up our allotment of fresh produce that was harvested that week.

In our program our total payment gets divided up over the 20 weeks of harvesting – which for us means $15 a week. Our 15 dollars gets turned into 15 points. Produce is then assigned “point” prices – ex: 2 points per bunch or 1 point per pound, and then you “shop” with your points.

I have been forcing myself into trying to cook with all new kinds of produce – rhubarb crisp, sauteed swiss chard, kale chips.

And, of course, most of it tastes the best fresh – fresh snap peas with hummus is my new favorite summer snack.


Tonight I am making Mint Watermelon Sorbet from Cookie & Kate.

image via Cookie & Kate

I hope mine tastes are delicious as theirs looks!

Happy happy weekend!

Cabinet Knobs – Oh the Choices!

I am currently in the middle of refinishing my first pieces of furniture – hardcore!

I have finished raw furniture and have repainted furniture, but I have never taken a piece and fully sanded it down before – until now.

I got an old dresser from my grandparents in the fall and it has been sitting in our sunroom waiting to be brought back to life. I’ll post about that whole process later, because right now I’m looking at knobs!

Since this dresser is pretty special to me I’d like to get some fun hardware for it! The dresser is an espresso color that is tall and straight with some curves at the bottom. And I need 12 knobs so they can’t be too expensive!


Should I get fancy, classy glass knobs? That could look pretty with the dark espresso color.


Or fun ceramic ones like these babies from World Market?

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE these seaglass knobs from BeachyRustica – but I don’t think they would go with the style of the dresser one bit. : (


I supposed I could also DIY the ones that came with the dresser… Hmmmm, that’s a thought…

These are adorable!! But at $8 a pop that’s getting pretty pricey.


I also love these from Anthrologie! But again, at $8/knob that would cost me $96 in hardware for one dresser. Yikes.

What do you think? Glass? Ceramic? Plain old brushed nickel? DIY?



Let me just ask right now – how on earth is there NO Hobby Lobby in Massachusetts or World Market in New England!?

Dear Business Development and Store Locator Teams of Hobby Lobby and/or World Market,

Please build a new store new my house. That is where everyone in blogland happens to buy cute hardware. And you don’t ship things that small.

Thank you,