A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

24 Hours in New York City

A few weekends ago I met up with some old college girlfriends for a quick whirlwind weekend in New York City.

I’ve been to New York several times, and have reached the point where I’ve checked the obligatory touristy spots off my life, (Central Park, the Public Library, The Met, the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, etc.) so I was excited to try something new.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively  A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon – a warm respite from this winter we’d been having – and spent it delightfully walking around Brooklyn and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

We took the 6 train line down to the Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall stop and the bridge was just around the corner. Most people say it’s better to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan because the views are better. We walked over the bridge both directions and there wasn’t a view I didn’t enjoy! The weather was beautiful and I finally got a taste of spring.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively
It’s hard to believe this bridge was built in 1887 – the sheer concept of building it is mind-boggling. It’s put David McCullough’s The Great Bridge, which is all about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, on my would-like-to-read-soon list.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLivelyA Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

Once in Brooklyn we walked around the Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights area. The Brooklyn Promenade provides a beautiful view of the city, plentiful people-watching opportunities, and endless benches to park yourself upon.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

While Grimaldi’s at the base of the Bridge seemed to be a touristy hot-spot (the lines were long!) we opted to try out Siggy’s Good Food, an organic, farm-to-table cafe and smoothie bar a few blocks away. It was busy, but the wait was short.

(Salmon burger gets five stars from this girl.)

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

The Brooklyn Bridge Park at the base of the bridge looks like a beautiful place to take a summer picnic – although not too inviting in March. A Frozen Yogurt food truck (YoGo) caught my attention, and we enjoyed a $4 sweet treat.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLivelyDon’t expect them to be generous with the toppings, as evidenced by the sparse smattering of blueberries and gummi bears.

The next day we do what all New Yorkers do on Sunday, we brunched.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

The CookShop in Chelsea was our destination and was worthy of the 20 minute trek to get there (in the cold, windy weather! Yesterday’s sunshine was long-gone). I strongly recommend a reservation, as there were crowds of people waiting, even when we left around 1:00pm!
While I love going out to a nice dinner, I’m not sure there’s anything better than a leisurely brunch.

Right across the street from CookShop is The High Line, an old elevated subway line turned park-walkway. I look forward to checking it out again when I am in NY in June when everything has bloomed!

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

Fortunately, when there are no flowers and foliage to bring color to NYC, the public murals do. Love this vibrant take of the “Kissing Sailor”.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively
We braved the cold (yesterday’s sunshine was long gone) and walked the High Line down to Chelsea Market, which is located inside the old Nabisco Factory. The urban food market is full of shops and restaurants, and the architecture is scrappy, industrial, and just cool. It’s a bigger, hipper version of Boston’s Quincy Market.

A Girls Weekend in New York City - DesignLively

Between our city adventures, movie-watching, and catching up it was a quick 24 hours, so I am looking forward to returning in June to see some more of the city.

What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for when I return!

2 thoughts on “24 Hours in New York City

  1. maebwright

    A restaurant tip, although you’ll probably never be short of good food tips in NYC, is Sarabeth’s. (http://www.sarabethsrestaurants.com) I’ve only been to the Upper West Side restaurant (though many times), but the food and atmosphere are lovely! Definitely great after a walk in Riverside Park or an afternoon at the Museum of Natural History!


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