To my WordPress Followers

I snapped this lovely shot on my way home from work today!
It was too beautiful not to stop and stare.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and celebrated the end of summer in style.

Today’s post is short but important!

All the people who read DesignLively make the time and effort that goes Into blogging worth it. To help make what I can offer here on the blog way better and more helpful, I will soon be moving to a self-hosted account – which mean if you read this blog through WordPress I will disappear! And I would hate to lose my WordPress followers, some of which have been following me for several years now (thank you!).

To my WordPress followers, If you’d like to continuing connecting with me please re-subscribe to DesignLively in a way of your choosing:

I’m very much looking forward to becoming self hosted, and it will allow me to do SO MANY MORE THINGS that I can’t do right now because of my current blog setup. I hope you are as excited as I am!

I have a huge amount of draft posts burning a hole in my blog pocket, so there are many projects coming soon! Here are a few hints:

Happy Monday!


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