I Committed a Pinstrosity


Have you heard of Pinstrosity? It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious.

We’ve all had that one craft project or recipe that failed. Miserably. This is a website that features peoples failed DIY-wreckapalooza projects when everything goes wrong.

It happens to the best of us, especially if you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-glue-gun-pants DIYer like me.

It happened a few months ago. I was trying to be productive – my only goal for the evening was to stay away from the television and that time-sucking giant wormhole called the internet. Simple quest, right?


I briefly thought about sanding down my desk and refinishing it. “No, no no,” I thought. That’s one thing that actually doesn’t need to be worked on around here. No sir. The desk stays the way it is.

So I decided I was going to practice my lettering.

I’ve always admired beautiful typography (hello, graphic designer here) and want to take the time to learn more. (Hence these beautiful inspiration shots.)

via welovetypography

So I got out my fancy tips and bottle of ink.

And immediately proceed to spill it everywhere.

I don’t even know what happened.

Oh yes, actually, I do know what happened. I got it EVERYWHERE.

Exhibit A:
All over my desk. My desk that, 10 minutes prior, I had declared perfection and in no need of work. This was the best I could do to clean it up.


Exhibit B:
All over the inside drawer and the contents inside.

Goodbye craft supplies drenched in black India Ink.


Exhibit C:
All over me. My hands? Black.

My favorite jeans? HUGE ink stain.


Exhibit D:
This was the worst one. The carpet. The cream carpet.

There is now a medium pepperoni pizza sized black schmear all over my carpet.


For the last six months I’ve been living with it. I can’t wait until spring to take that desk outside and sand her down!!

I guess you need to be careful what you wish for?

I know I’m not alone! What’s your recent crafty/DIY/cooking mix-up been?

17 thoughts on “I Committed a Pinstrosity

  1. MariaSabrinaPalmares

    I think Pinstrosity is a great way to see beauty on mistakes šŸ™‚ I would like to try that one with my illustrations that has gone wrong, it would be laughable but lovable :)) And your calligraphy is really good, i wish i could do something like yours :))

  2. handmadebysara

    Oh No! Your poor desk šŸ˜¦
    My recent fails include purple pot of glitter tipped upside down on my cream rug! This was cleared up straight away but i am constantly finding it everywhere.
    My next was a baking disaster, I made a perfect chocolate fondant type covering for a cake then dropped a freezing cold can of redbull accidentally into the bowl! The whole think was solid in seconds disaster. Lol all the best and love your post! X x

  3. Kristyn Jean

    I am re-purposing old vintage suitcases to make them into a nightstand for my room. Tons of storage, and an awesome look! First, since they are so old, I had to rip all the insides out. The old school hanger racks for pants, the weird flappy pockets, etc. One of the metal pieces cuts my finger open. Then, I burn myself with the hot glue gun. And to top that all off, I stapled part of my finger when stapling the new fabric in! That was only the first suitcase… kind of nervous to go on!

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  5. beautifulhello

    Oh I know just want you mean….. I work with indea ink everyday, and I can NOT believe I’ve never spilled it! But I have had a few escapades with oil paint, watercolor, flour, sugar, soap, shampoo, coffee, and pretty much anything else that can spill. It’s just a matter of time…


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