Just call me Tom Sawyer.

Whitewashed Brick - DesignLivelyvia

In case you’re wondering, we’ve made zero progress on our sunroom since we gutted it.

But that will all be changing very soon.

Whitewashed Brick - DesignLivelyvia

As a part of the project, we have one DIY project we are going to attempt.

Whitewashed Brick - DesignLivelyvia

Perhaps you are  seeing a theme in all these inspiration photos I am posting today?

Whitewashed Brick - DesignLivelyvia

When we gutted the room, the back of the fireplace was exposed.

We’re going to try whitewashing it and see how it looks.

Whitewashed Brick - DesignLively

If we fail, we will just drywall over it!

I love DIY projects with little-to-no negative consequences.

My only concern is that I have only seen how-to-projects on people whitewashing over red brick, but gray like ours.

Have you ever whitewashed brick? Gray brick?

8 thoughts on “Just call me Tom Sawyer.

  1. mistymidnite

    Love your photo’s of your home? Theme…salt, industrial, revolutionary, eclectic ? Wish I had a better idea for you…but, maybe you could consider a super high gloss heat resistant paint of your choice after the sun room is done….then gather some sturdy celebrated artsy metal peices and hang on the back of this fireplace ??? Hmmm…just a thought. 🙂

  2. casteb

    The white-washed brick would look awesome, and that shouldn’t be too difficult to do — so I’ve heard!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  3. R. Hanna

    Hi and have fun with your lovely home, have you entered any home-reno contests? As for brick, I’ve painted old fireplaces (red and brown porous) with white latex, it took at least a few coats to cover solid which is what we wanted, but maybe with one or two coats you’d get the right effect. Happy Holidays and inspirations!!


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