I hope you are safe and warm as Hurricane Sandy makes her way out. We experienced quite a bit of wind and rain, but fortunately lost only one tree and power for a few short periods of time.  Stay safe!

A Halloween Frankenstein Door - DesignLively

Frankenstein. Frankenstorm. Frankendoor.

I “pinned” this adorable Halloween door a few months ago – before we even had a green door!

from MelDesigns

I knew I had to make it happen!

After I painted our front door a friendly shade of green this summer, it was ready for a Halloween costume.

I’m not sure how the original door was made, but I used:

– craft foam
– hot glue
– painter’s tape.

I bought three Creatology craft foam sheets from Michael’s for $5.00 – one white sheet and two black sheets.

Then I measured my door to make the hair the same width as my door.

A Halloween Frankenstein Door - DesignLively

I cut (freehand) the hair, 2 eyeballs, 2 eyedots, 2 teeth, 1 mouth, 1 scar, 6 spider legs and 3 pieces of a spider body.

I used my hot glue gun to put together the eyes, the hair (my foam wasn’t wide enough to do it in one piece), the spider and the mouth.

I cockeyed the eyeballs and teeth to make him look goofy

To attach the pieces to my front door, I used a few pieces of blue painter’s tape (protect the doorpaint dude!).

A Halloween Frankenstein Door - DesignLively

I put mine underneath our window, and I like it because it will be eye-level with our trick-or-treaters.

Our door is protected from the elements by our screen porch, so I can’t say how the painter’s tape will hold up to wind or rain.

A Halloween Frankenstein Door - DesignLively

Still no screen door though!

I love it!

Even if we get no trick-or-treating kids, it was totally worth it!

Happy Halloween!!!

I’m linking this project up to the Fall Pinterest Challenge at YoungHouseLove

4 thoughts on “Frankendoor

  1. Hot Dot

    You picked the perfect paint color for this! Who knew that it would work so perfectly for Halloween!?
    Eat some candy for me!

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