L.L. Bean (Love Love the Bean)

Maine. Vacationland.

A few weeks ago we drove up to the glorious state of Maine for a wedding. On our way home, we decided to stop in Freeport, ME to introduce my parents to the L.L. Bean flagship store.

It was then, in the height of summer Maine perfection, I declared that, if forced to live in one retail place (like in the children’s book Corduroy), the L.L. Bean home store would be my new home.

It might not be swanky like West Elm, or ogle-worthy like Pottery Barn, but it’s cozy and friendly.

In the unlikely circumstance that a mysterious woodsy benefactor should bestow an L.L. Bean-only shopping spree upon me, this is what I would like to get:

One wouldn’t think to go to L.L. Bean for furniture, but they actually have a fun assortment of bright colored pieces this year.

All rights reserved by Photo Nut 2011

This little clock might actually make me enjoy an early morning rise.

And I’d bring home just about every quilt there is, including this colorful Flying Geese quilt pattern.


But the rugs. Goodness! Braided rugs remind me of growing up because my Mom had so many of them. The L.L. Bean ones are such beautiful colors. It’s so hard to find good rugs that aren’t Oriental style or contemporary.

And I know this doesn’t count, but someday I WILL get the deluxe Scrabble board where the pieces can’t move around.

And it will come with someone who will want to play it with me at my beck and call!!

If you had to live in a particular store forever, which one would you pick?

3 thoughts on “L.L. Bean (Love Love the Bean)

  1. the domestic fringe

    I’ve always L.L. Bean home, even though I’ve only ever bought a giant wooden spoon and a cast iron pot from there. I liked going anyway.

    Love Maine. I lived there for six years. L.L. Bean was a favorite place to go whenever we had guests.


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