The Easiest Bunting You’ll Ever Sew.

I mentioned this bunting in my post about the baby shower I hosted at my house a few weeks ago.

If you can sew in a semi-straight line, you can make this bunting.

I started with lots of blue and yellow fabrics from a decorator’s swatch book. (I don’t know where to find these, but I always stumble across them for free. Just a few weeks about a picked up several outside an Interior Decorator’s office for free!)

These squares could be easily replicated with a pair of pinking shears (available at any craft store). I folded about 2″ backwards and ironed it flat.

I did this to all my squares (13 squares gave me a bunting about 5′ long). Then I put them in the order that I wanted them to hang – separating stripes and plaids and spreading out the dark and light fabrics.

Then I sewed them together. In one continuous line.

I just kept feeding another square into the machine and added it to the string. Does that make sense?

To attach it to the mantle I used 2 big pieces of painter’s tape (my little secret) and I was done!

I told you.

It’s the easiest bunting possible!

(And PS – this baby boy the shower was for made his grand appearance last night! Hoorah!)

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