Upcycled Cabinet Door Artwork Tutorial

Earlier this week I posted a before and after post of my kitchen-cabinets-turned-artwork project.

Truth be told, this project has been a long time coming. I painted these a while ago. We finally hung them up this weekend! Isn’t that how most things happen?

Upcycled Cabinet Door Artwork Tutorial:

I used wood filler in all the holes left from the hinges and knobs. After it dried, I sanded that down and then painted the doors with a foam roller. You can read more about that here.

Fast foward – we didn’t need to use the cabinet doors anymore. I posted them on CraigsList, but due to the assortment of random sizes they weren’t useable to anyone. Before tossing them all, I saved a few thinking they might be useful.

I started by spray painting the cabinet doors. This color is Italian Olive by Krylon.

I printed out my numbers in my font of choice (I used “MyWorld” from DaFont.com). For reference, each number is about 9″ tall.

Since I don’t have a large scale printer, I printed sections of it out on different sheets of paper and then taped them together. I taped that to the door and starting to firmly outline the shape with a ballpoint pen.

You’ll want to press hard enough with the pen to leave an indentation of the outline of the shape on the board. Don’t be afraid to scribble. It doesn’t have to be precise, you just need the general shape.

Use a small craft paint brush to fill in your outline. I did two coats, letting it dry in between coats. If your shapes aren’t perfect you can always sand that part down a bit more in the future steps.

Then I used some leftover stain we had in the basement and covered the whole door with stain.

After the stain dried I began sanding and scraping the doors, focusing especially on the letters.

There is no special way to do this. I used an assortment of sandpapers – ranging from very rough to fine. I also slammed a screwdriver on it a few times to give the board a few nicks.

Then I stained the board a second time to darken the places I had sanded. I let the boards dry for a couple of days before I touched them again.

To hang them, I added some picture hanging hardware. I needed to be sure to use screws that were short enough that they wouldn’t come out the other side!

My previous claim to the project being “F-R-E-E” wasn’t totally true. I forgot about this part. I bought hanging hardware at Target for $2.99. You will get about 20 pieces and wire, and I only used 4. So I suppose I could claim this project only cost about 35 cents.

We are very happy with the end result! And extra excited to finally have the artwork above our couch not seem like we just moved in. This definitely helped bring our living room one step closer to feeling completed.

What kind of artwork or decoration do you have in your living areas? Have you DIYed any of it?

I’m linking up to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday No.113 at Coastal Charm and Beneath my Heart’s Best DIY of May Projects

10 thoughts on “Upcycled Cabinet Door Artwork Tutorial

  1. casteb

    I think they look amazing. Such a clever idea. The only DIY in my sitting/dining room area is the cover I just made for my old singer in the entry (recent post) & pillows, of course.

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