It’s Friday & Spring is Here!


Happy Friday!

First, check out these AMAZING rainbow wooden spoons from Little Bit Funky. 

I think I’m in love.

I’d like to hang a set like this on the wall space above our oven.

I think this project would make me smile even if I were doing something as doldrum as boiling water.

This week spring has officially made an appearance.

(While I type this I am choosing to forget that there are snowflakes on the weather prediction for tomorrow.)

Country music has been playing, windows have been cracked open and I’ve even thought about making iced coffee again. Yup, it’s spring.

Is there anything better than opening windows after a long winter? Something about letting the fresh air circulate through the house is reviving.

While I do miss being able to walk on the beach at this time of year, it’s been fun to experience our house in a new season and watch things grow.

One of the former owners was quite the gardener. So, although it’s gotten quite overgrown since their time, we have plants and flowers blooming all over the place!


And lastly, we’ll be celebrating Moose’s birthweek!

A wise woman once taught me your birthday should last all week! (Hiyah Beth!)

(I came across the picture above in Tumblr. It’s classic Moose! If I had to choose an abstract self portrait of my husband, this might be it.)

Thank you for the good luck wishes towards our bathroom renovation this weekend!

Between the birthday cake and the drywall dust, we’ll be keeping it real.

Life around here is nothing if not adventurous. : )

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Spring is Here!

  1. peasquared

    those spoons are gorgeous! and i enjoyed reading your comment about them being able to make you smile as you’re doing something so mundane as boiling water. =) happy bathroom renovating and happy birthday week to your dh! we celebrate birthday weeks too!! =)

  2. lyndsay @ that 70s house

    can’t wait to see how the bathroom turns out! happy birthday to your hubs!!! also….those spoons are awesome! i think i would have to store them in an acrylic jar just so that i can stare at the rainbow constantly!


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