Warning: DIY May Cause Bouts of Insanity

While this commercial is adorable, I don’t think the art directors really understand the tooth-and-nails grit that goes into DIYing sometimes.

Like our life this week.

We’ve fast tracked our downstairs bathroom renovation because we are having our house re-appraised next week.

Like, in 5 days. And I mean take our demolished-down-to-the-studs powder room to a finished project in a week.

Things got a little stressful when we were looking at four different tile samples at midnight.

You see, we had purchased 20 square feet of each, because we needed to install the tile flooring the next morning.

But we still needed to re-drywall the bathroom first.

What made it really easy was that we had to pick a tile in the dark. That little thing called demolition robbed us of any bathroom light source.

I think I’ll just watch the commercial again and pretend everything happens magically.

What? I can’t dance around and it will be finished? Commercials are so misleading.

5 thoughts on “Warning: DIY May Cause Bouts of Insanity

  1. Hot Dot

    Great Lowe’s ad! Hadn’t seen that one yet.
    And Isn’t that howall of your wallpaper all came down? 🙂 Voila!


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